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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Things that Go Screech in the Night

Brenna the dog woke me up at 4:30 this morning. I happily jump out of bed and tell her 'good dog'.

I know she needs to go out as I noticed she was taking an especially long time the evening before to do the deed.

I take her out and wait. I notice she starts eating grass. Well, I don't want her to eat grass because this leads only to one thing: grass comes back out the front door.

I scream a whispered scream "BRENNA! STOP IT!" Imagine, she does not listen to me and continues the buffet of grass.

I run down and shake my finger at her. This does not seem to work either. Finally, I resort to nudging her away.

It was about this time that Brenna and I both heard a horrible, horrible screeching scream.

WTF? Brenna said the same thing. I could see it her face. A face I have never seen before on her.

The screeching-scream continues. I am trying to place what possible evil incarnation it could be and how close it was getting to me...forget the dog.

It sounded like a cat being skinned alive. I swear. And the only other thought was a cat dying and screaming and writhing in pain. Yes, I have a demented mind that puts actual images of such things in my head. Especially at 4:41 in the morning.

These screeches continue for an agonizing 10-15 seconds in length, with approximately 2 seconds of break. And this went on for maybe a minute. Do I need to map out an equation for this event?

In my life, I have never heard of such a creature. I thought: maybe it's a wallaby (or some Australian animal). Don't ask me why I thought that (well, there is an escaped/kidnapped wallaby in the area, so that may be how the thought came to my mucked up mind) but remember, it's early in the morning...although by this time, I am wide awake.

I went back to bed pondering it more (and more and more and more...get to sleep, will you!). A screech owl. That must be it. That's why they are called screech owls. I go to sleep thinking I've solved the puzzle.

But I just checked and screech owls, apparently, don't screech. They hoot. Well, I heard one screech and it was a duration of ~3 seconds and in those three seconds, it sounded nothing like a cat being skinned alive.

Any other ideas?


  1. Maybe a cat in heat. They can make a wretched sound...

  2. A cat was in the final stages of gettin' some. When the male enters the female, small barb-like things extend to make sure the seal is locked in.

    But then it's REALLY painful for the end of the act. their biology doesn't allow for STOPSTOPSTOPSTOP.

    It can take easily 10 minutes to get everything unhooked.