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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Taxing My Movies

I received this PSA from Bill Peebles, owner of our local theaters The Colony, The Rialto, Six Forks Station and Mission Valley. Apparently, NC wants to increase the taxes (about .40) on movie tickets. Perhaps to the above average salaried person, this is nothing, but IMO, movie tickets are high already and increasing it only hurts the regular joes who seek entertainment...especially in our present economic times.
It appears that our legislators are not able to cut the State’s expenses so they are considering taxing movie admissions. Please take the time to print, fill out the attached post card, and drop it by one of our theatres. Or email your representatives.

If this tax passes, I will have no other option than to add this to admission tickets. I will also have to add the concession tax as well.

Thank you,

Bill Peebles

So I am passing this information along for you all to consider:

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