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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Not A Whole Lot of Quality In(n) Darien, GA

I thought hitting Darien, GA would be the halfway point for our journey to Uncle Joey's house. Savannah seemed to short and Brunswick seemed a tad too long. Tim won't 'let' me drive, so I had to think about my tired old man and how long I should keep him driving.

When I made the reservation, I requested a whirlpool. Tim's been working hard for so long, I thought he deserved a nice, warm, bubbly bath. When we got to the hotel, I asked the lost looking girl behind the counter if I could get a room with a whirlpool. She seemed confused and finally said 'we have one but I'm not sure it working'.

Great. There goes my big plan.

Instead, we get a double room on the second floor. We get to traipse through the lobby with the dog and the cat. Lovely.

We head out to the pool as Mi-Mi can't shut-up about the pool. She's been reading the billboards for the last few miles and pointing out all the hotels with pools...'let's go to that one! it has a pool...NO????? Waaaaaaa! I wanna go to the pool!!!!!'

So we finally hit the pool, which feels GREAT. It's nice and warm despite not seeing any electronic devices that would actually heat the pool. Nor, as Tim noted, do we detect any chlorine. Tim is advising the girls not to purposely put water in their mouth.

We are hootin' and a hollerin' having a great time when a fella walks into the pool area. I think he's a potential guest, checking out the pool, but what does he do? He sits down in one of the pool chairs and watches us. Tim acknowledges him with a 'what's up' but the dude sticks around for a good 15 minutes.

After the pool, we head out to the restaurant next door: Smokey Joe's BBQ. I get really excited because the on-line menu looks great. Once we walk in, I think 'uh-oh, I bet they have no booze'. That ends up being my answer to "Dine in or take out?" 'Do you have booze?' And the waitress points out all the domestics they have bottled up.

Hmmmm...domestics. I. Am. A. Beer. Snob. And domestics are not in my repertoire. Unless it's Pete's Wicked Ale or some micro-brew. And sure, Budweiser is no longer truly domestic, but I haven't drank that crap since high school.

So I had a Bud Light with Lime. It was that or a Coors Light. They had an Amber Bock. Next time, that is what I'll order. But hopefully, there won't be a next time.

We had one of the pissiest waitresses in Darien, GA. It was as if I came in to purposely piss her off. Well, we had about three or four women come by to give us food, drink, whatever, but pissy girl was the 'main' one.

And the menu was nothing like the on-line one. It had all the meats: beef, pork, ribs (of both types), chicken and sausage. The on-line menu stated it had andouille sausage so I asked the pissy girl if that's what it was. Duh. 't's just sausage.'

OK. Get me the beef.

And that's what thi food was: just a big ole pile of MEAT. The green beans, while tasty, had meat in it. MEAT MEAT MEAT. I like meat but my god, this was ridiculous.
I brought most of my meat back to my carnivore dog. I was done. With the food and with Darien, GA.

We won't be back.

P.S. The on-line menu was a menu for a Smokey Joe's BBQ in Darien, *Connecticut*...

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