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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Favorite SYTYCD Routines: Week Five

I am posting these a week late since I didn't get to see it last week! OH THE HORROR!! But I'm almost caught up (currently watching who gets eliminated) and can post the routines I loved the most.

This week, Brandon and Janette's two routines were my favorites. It's funny because they are not my FAVORITE dancers but most of there routines make it into my favorites for the week.

Their first routines was an Argentine Tango, which was fricking amazing:

The second was a Wade Robson who is THE BOMB as a choreographer. I LOVE HIS ROUTINES. I haven't met a routine he's done that I didn't like. This was an awesome dance:

The third was Kayla and Kupono's contemporary routine, which was phenomenal. You have to watch Kupono's face because it truly made the routine so much more powerful. I loved it. My favorite of the week.

And they are both two of my favorite dancers. Kupono is amazing and sooooo hot...until he starts talking...ahs well.

The opening routine for Thursday night's elimination show was also another favorite. It's rare for me not to like these:

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