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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Lounge Lizard

Monday, for me, was spent lounging. I spent much of the day lying on a comfy chair on the beautiful porch, reading. I think I stepped outside, in the great mosquito war, twice to get stuff out of the car.

It is real purty to look outside and see the beautiful trees and tropical foliage, but man-oh-man, the mosquitos are cruel.

CJ and Mi-Mi made it over to a neighbor's house, who has a daughter the same age as CJ. But more importantly, they have a POOL! So the girls spent most of the afternoon over there, swimming their little butts off.

Grandma spent the day with us and so we had a lot of opportunity to chit-chat. I got a couple of calls in to mi mama y papa, who I have not talked to in several MONTHS. Papa was great to speak to; mama is probably PO'd at me and thus, I left a voicemail message.

And I have not run nor worked out since, hmmm..., Wednesday? Running here would be harsh. And I mean around the hacienda. Their place is truly an oasis in a world of burned out, fried, hot concrete. The beach is not far but truthfully, I like lounging around. :)

The guys, Tim and Joey, spent the day running errands and getting bags of concrete to make a concrete slab for a grill area. So on vacation, Tim can't stop working...

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