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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Just My Luck

This week has been a decent week for me, as far as getting back into my groove. I've made all my workouts and runs, although a bit slower in the runs. But I am actually getting up EARLY to do my workouts and runs. Remember: I love my bed.

Today I met Frank for a morning run through Umstead. We were going to start at another building at work, which cuts out a big, long hill. I met him in the parking lot and thought "Hmmm...I'd like to go pee before the run." I didn't really NEED to go but mentally, it's good for me 'to go'.

But since this building is not the building we work in, and because it was early in the morning, we do not have access to the building. Frank points out a worker bee getting out of his car and said 'if u run, you can get in with him'.

So I got my warm-up .01 to the building and tailed the poor bastard. As most southern gentlemen do, he gave me first dibs to use my badge to get in. Well, I know mine won't work but now have the ruminations in my head that if he knows I don't work here, perhaps he won't let me in (BTW, this is a stupid rumination as most people that work at my company are overly-nice and accommodating to the point that it's very cultish).

So I oblige and scan my badge. TADA! Does not work. He then uses his badge and....nothing. Not a beep, not a flick, not a single thing. My badge at least gave a beep - it just wouldn't unlock the door.

So we walk to the _other_ side of the entrance to try that one. I notice that his badge is broken and as most goobers would do, he had simply used scotch tape to tape it together. That badge was not going to get him in.

And it didn't. The other entrance did not work with his badge. And I'm peeking through the door looking for signs of life. "Does this man not have FRIENDS?" I thought to myself..."Why is he not calling someone?"

I notice a landscaping employee pull up in the John Deere and I attempt to wave her down. She ignores me so I run 0.1 to her (she kept getting further away from me) and asked if she had accessed to the building. She nodded and said she would help me shortly.

And she did within a minute and I made it to the restroom and doofus finally got to his office. What would he do without me?

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