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Saturday, July 25, 2009

I'm Not Pulling a Palin

I got my eight mile run in this morning. This was a great accomplishment because I hadn't been in my best running shape this month. The week of vacation -- NOTHING. And this past week? NOTHING. So I went from zero to eight today.

And it was great! I decided to keep the pace slow and concentrated on getting the miles in. And I did. And it went fine. I ran up every hill, even cemetery hill near the end of my run. I kept myself in check, even when I felt pretty good, so that I would have the energy to complete all the miles without so much as stopping for a brief walk.

And I did that.

Umstead afforded me lots of shade in the 73 degree humidity. I also brought my Coach Bubba hand towel to keep the sweat in check. There was quite a bit of people out there today and although I passed none of them (mostly, they passed me), it was great to be in such company.

During my run, I listened to Keith and the Girl, episode 997 "Flying Pussy". This particular episode was mainly about Sarah Palin's resignation as Governor of Alaska. I hadn't heard her speech, nor read it, but leave it to Keith and Chemda to bring the best out of a boring speech with their commentary.

You have to understand that when Keith and Chemda play something, as in this case, Sarah Palin's resignation speech, they stop it every other second to provide their comments. I love it. It wasn't too long ago that I was listening to the episode with Billy Bob Thornton's outburst and again, every-other-second commentary from the twos of them. It may annoy some but it's the highlight of my podcast to listen to it.

So her speech starts out with thanking everyone for coming out ad nauseum. Chemda then puts on her best high school prom queen voice, mimicking how a teenager thanks everyone for coming to her birthday party and thanking every single person that showed up. This is what Palin sounded like.

Palin continues, ad nauseum, about AlasKAH's accomplishments under her reign. And while she thanked her administration, she then turns and decides to blast the governor position as a 'take-advantage-of-the-government' rant, such as milking it by doing lame things like travel the lower 48 states, just collecting a paycheck...those lame duck governors.

It was her basis for resigning. So what are you saying, Sarah? If you stayed as governor, you would have done just that? And now your Lt. Governor will be doing that?

Just absurd. To use THAT as a reason for QUITTING.

The most ironic statement she made:
If I have learned one thing: LIFE is about choices!

Choices as determined by her and her conservative, religious freaks believe to be a choice.

So it was definitely an interesting way to get through my eight miles. And towards the end of my run, Keith says something along the lines about 'don't be a palin' meaning, don't quit. And I thought about my run and said to myself "I'm not gonna palin this one..."

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  1. I *heart* KATG. I have just recently found the show but have been listening to a lot of back episodes to catch up on the inside jokes.

    Nice run! Way to get it done!