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Monday, July 06, 2009

Fourth, Fifth of July a Unce Joey's

We made it into Palm Bay on the 4th, sometime in the afternoon.

Traffic was surprisingly sparse. We did have one incident with a cool ray out on the road, but nothing a few flip of the birds couldn't take care of.

Aunt Judy made some awesome burgers for us, plus some cheese noodles that I eventually finished off for lunch the next day.

Everyone was together: me and our brood, Grandma, Joey & Judy, and Uncle Phillip, who flew in from Colorado the day before. It was really nice.

I didn't stay up for fireworks but the girls did...watched some of it on the TV that they have on their gorgeous porch.

Sunday, I was excited about Breakfast at Wimbledon. I had missed the Williams' sisters match on Saturday so I was especially excited about the men's finals. I made sure to tell everyone I really really really wanted to watch tennis. And I did, and what a game!!!

Afterwards, we did the tour of Tim's childhood. We do this everytime we are here and I love it...every single time.

Tim grew up as a preacher's son so they lived by churches. This is his childhood home, which isn't much bigger than the picture I got.

Across a great big field is the church that Tim's dad preached at...but they (Tim and the family) built this church:

We looked at other places of interest: Uncle Joey's first house (which he demanded I not put on facebook), Aunt Judy's homes, other childhood homes Tim's family lived in, and some childhood friends' homes.

Finally, we made it to the beach and watched the girls romp around in the ocean. It was quite 'choppy'; I was surprised at how forceful the waves were. I'm used to being at the beaches of Hilton Head, which aren't as harsh as they were here...but they had a blast and weren't swept out to sea.

Aunt Judy suggested we hit Del's Freeze, which has been a local institution for ages. And boy, it earned that reputation because the ice cream was soooooo good.

We headed back to the hacienda and enjoyed the evening with neighbors and Wii.

La Vida Loca!

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