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Thursday, July 02, 2009

(b)Racing for the Fall

I decided that I would do the Second Empire Grand Prix Series in the fall.

Basically, it is a series of eight races that run (hehe) from September to December. Participants earn points for each race they participate in, plus how your time compares to the winning time. The minimum number of races to participate is three, with a max of seven. There are only eight races this year; normally, there are nine but the Second Empire 5K Classic, which is usually part of this series, has been moved to the Spring.

I inadvertently placed sixth one year...or something that was pretty good without winning anything. I only found out when a friend of mine sent me a congratulations e-mail. I raced in several of the series' races without knowing it and actually placed! And I don't believe I even ran the full seven max, so I'm pretty excited about it for this year.

The races I plan to do are the following:

* September 13: The Magnificent Mile
* September 27: Anna's Angels 10 Miler
* October 10: Triangle Run/Walk for Autism
* October 25: The 5K Run for Healthier Babies
* November 7: Free to Breath Lung Cancer 5K
* December 5: Jingle Bell 5K Run for Arthritis
* December 12: St. Michael Jolly Elf Trail Run

The Jingle Bell Run may interfere with the half marathon race that I was planning to do this year. It was on December 6th of last year, so I am assuming it will be the same weekend as this race. I would have skipped it if I had two to skip (nine races vs. eight) but since I am missing one of the races in the series, the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day (I will be enjoying the mountains again this year), I don't want to miss another one and be one short. If that's the case, then I will need to find another half to run. (I was eyeballing one in Key West in January...:))

There may be a couple I may add to the calendar. Of course, this seems plenty but I enjoyed the Neuse River Bridge 10K and I'd love to make a weekend trip of it in beautiful, cozy New Bern. Then there's the local favorite, Old Reliable, that I can usually be peer pressured we'll see. I would, however, would really like to find a December half marathon nearby.

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