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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wiggin' Out

What a grand past couple of days, celebrating CJ's 11th birthday. This one was a doozy, as she has just finished elementary school (June 10th) and moved into her own bedroom. Big rites of passage.

Friday was her birthday. It was a regular work day for me and Tim but Lauren (personal camp counselor) had big plans for CJ.

They made 'vampire' cupcakes:

"Team Edward" is on the top two rows. The third row are the characters from the Twilight Series. And the bottom row is the lion, the twilight 'logo', and the lamb. It was quite amusing to hear CJ tell us that she 'ate Edward' and how proud Mi-Mi was to say 'i ate bella because no one likes her'. Like she took one for the team.

Lauren brought over supplies to make personal pizzas for them - cheese and mushroom, CJ's favorite.

CJ's BFF Sarah came over in the afternoon and Lauren whisked them all away to the mall. There they tried on shoes, outfits, and built-a-bear.

The evening was dinner at Brasa, which is a brazilian steakhouse that CJ has been to once. She remembers having lamb there and that is the reason she wanted to go back.

The premise of this restaurant is that waiters bring meat after meat after meat -- and pineapple too -- to your table for you. Sirloin, Filet, Chicken, Sausage, Pork Tenderloin, Lamb, and do it all over again.

That evening, we presented her big present: a 26" LCD flat screen for her 'new' room.

The room is not quite finished so Saturday was spent getting it complete. I helped Tim with getting paint on the remaining walls, repainting the doors and *I installed the new doorknob* :). I tried to install the closet handles, which are not doorknobs but technically, drawer handles, so these were not as easy to install on 2" thick doors, vs. 1/2" thick drawers. Since it appeared that I added more work to Tim, I gave up (although to his credit, he told me how to do it and I'll probably finish that up today).

So I left Tim to finish the job while I took the girls out to celebrate day two of CJ's birthday.

Can I say: I love having daughters!!! They are so much fun and we can do things that I even love to do!!

First thing: get the girls' hair fixed since they both decided they wanted bangs and created them their self (not grammatically correct but you know what I'm saying!).

Next? We went next door from the hair salon to the nail salon. Manicures!! CJ and Mi-Mi have never had a real one and I was concerned about how they would do but they said it was so much fun. Next time, we'll add pedicures.

We then came home to pick Tim up so we could have lunch at Fat Daddy's. That was a good break for him as he was still working on the finishing touches on CJ's room.

We dropped Tim back off at home, where Mi-Mi decided she would stay to help her dad. So now it was just me and CJ.

We headed to a beauty supply place, where we had stopped at a few weeks back. It is a great big shop, full of fun beauty supplies that CJ and I could stand around and look at all day. But the goal for today was to purchase a wig!! Yes, you heard correctly: a wig.

They have some amazing wigs. Long, short, funky, etc. CJ wanted long hair and tried on a few. I wanted short hair so I tried on a few. We both decided on one and walked out happily with our purchase.

Next stop was Tarjay. CJ found a size 1 pair of skinnies in the women's section that FIT! They were loose around the waist, but fit perfectly everywhere else. The girl is tall. I plan to get the waist altered for her but the girl's sized jeans (which weren't skinnies) were highwaters on her.

She got a few other things but most importantly, curtains and a comforter set for her new room.

Shopping was not over yet. We stopped at Goodwill, per her request (I love goodwill :)). There, we found amazing boots and CJ purchased two pairs. One black, with hot pink heels. The other denim, to the knees. And they both fit me too.

Funny thing: I had no cash. Goodwill accepts checks & cash only. Who writes checks anymore? So CJ was the only one with money, to which she told me 'don't worry, i got this'...

We decided to put our wigs on before we got home. We must've looked freaky putting a wig cap on in the car, in the parking lot of Goodwill. Were we getting ready to go back in and rob goodwill??

We made it into the house with our new dos. The dog and the cat quickly scrambled for safety.

The day still isn't over. Once Tim was finally done with all the work he sets out for him to do, he barely had time to rest before CJ and I decided to form our rock band. We got dressed up, in our new wigs, and CJ loaned me her new pair of black/hot pink boots. I was transformed into "Midori", singer for CJ's band...and Tim became our hot drummer.

We played for nearly two hours. Did I mention that I can't sing worth a shit? But they played along anyway and we had a blast.

I thought about my own family and how no one would have done this with me. My mother was not that kind of mother. Dress up and sing karaoke? Same with my dad. I don't know if she'll remember this as an amazing time as I will...I sure hope so. It felt like I was having my own birthday celebration!!

We ended the evening watching Taken. That was a great movie to watch with her because Tim got a chance to get on his soapbox and tell his daughters how they need to listen to him...

Then she was off to her new room...and I went to sleep thinking about my little Mi-Mi and how she doesn't have a choice in the matter, losing her roommate...and it's much like Tim and I: CJ's growing up. And there's nothing we can do about it.

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