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Friday, June 12, 2009

What Is Going On?

A week ago, CJ had another 'injury' with her left leg.

If you recall, she had to have a splinter pulled out of her leg. Her LEFT shin.

Then last week, someone stepped on a toe on her left foot.

She seemed to be doing OK, although she complained about the pain. The last couple of days, she said her toe nail was surely going to fall off.

Today Tim took her to an Urgent Care to take a look at it. Apparently, it was infected as it was full of pus (TMI!!!). They numbed the toe with a shot and cut the nail down. Now she has to stay off of it for a few days and soak it in epsom taking an antibiotic.

She's a trooper though, but unfortunately, she won't be able to run the mile race that she was looking forward to doing, which was to happen tomorrow.

Then we have Tim.

Tim has been full of injuries. His job consists of construction, so he typically comes home bruised, cut and battered.

But a couple weeks ago, he, too, received a splinter. Not just any splinter. A *metal* splinter.

And then last Thursday, he stepped through some boards that were not nailed in and hit his left ankle. When he got home, it had swelled up to the size of a tennis ball. I wanted him to go to the doctor. He wanted to go to the comedy club.

Then he raced an adventure race -- six hours -- on Saturday.

I thought he was going to get his ankle looked at while at Urgent Care with CJ. He texted me and told me that he passed out during the third shot: one tetanus then two lidocaines. The second lidocaine shot sent Tim to la-la land. As he said it "They gave me the first shot and said 'let's see what we can do'" to which he replied "Um, I can still feel stuff". So they gave him a second shot, which went right into the wound and he said "I felt extreme pain, then had a dream and when I woke up, they had ice on me."

Needless to say, despite his first time passing out, nothing was done to remove the metal splinter. He will have to try again. But this means he will not be doing the race either. It's just been too much excitement for one evening.

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