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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Today's Run

Today's run:

Positive: I ran.

Negative: Only four of my six mile goal.

Positive: I ran four miles.

Negative: I had tummy problems.

Positive: I ran four miles with tummy problems.

Negative: I felt nauseous.

Positive: Four miles is better than zero miles.

Observations: There were a group of non-city workers (i.e. teen aged boys, "dad" looking guys) working on the bridge at Lake Lynn. It seemed pretty admirable but I wondered if they had the OK from the city. I saw a few nails lying around and thought how pissed someone would be to get a flat tire riding over the nails.

Also, there was a bride and groom getting their pictures taken around the lake. At my second loop, they were actually seated on a bench by the greenway so I stopped as the photographer snapped away. I didn't want to ruin their picture with the scowl on my face.

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  1. sounds like a good run and so glad you got out there. I did my run too today, nice and early to beat the heat.