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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Summer Heat

Summer officially begins on June 21st but the heat and humidity is already here.

During today's morning run, I eventually remembered my training during the heat of last summer.

It doesn't just suck because of the heat and humidity. It sucks in the fact that it sucks the life out of me.

I started off this morning, which felt pretty decent. I carried my Coach Bubba towelette to help with the sweat getting in my eyes but I thought 'I don't think I need this!'

I was wrong.

And while I didn't have glaring sunlight on me, my legs were not cooperating. I trudged along and noticed my first mile split was 10:13. I wasn't feeling as though I would get much faster than that so I didn't look at my watch anymore.

I trudged along and thought about a recent blog posting where a guy wrote that part of his training was to follow through his training no matter what. I knew I could get four miles in and I wasn't going to give up.

And I didn't. And not only did I *not* give up. I actually ended up doing a sub-10 mn mile overall. Now THAT surprised me!

And I got six strides in at the end. I was spent. I wanted to quit. But only a little bit. It wasn't the forefront thought in my mind. Really, my thought was more along 'these strides aren't going to be as fast as last week'. And I was OK with that.

That is huge for me.

And I remembered last year. Running seven, eight, nine, ten and eleven miles in this heat and humidity. And feeling bad about myself. "I suck" thoughts clouded my brain.

But I don't suck. Running doesn't suck. It's the heat that sucks. And yet, I feel a great sense of accomplishment running in it and knowing that I can do it.

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