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Friday, June 12, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance

For the fans out there, it is better known as SYTYCD.

I. Love. This. Show.

It is one of my all-time favorites. It is so fun to watch. I don't know the appeal of Dancing with the Stars after watching this one.

The dance numbers are incredible.

The dancers (aka contestants) are incredible.

And usually the dances are flawless, to someone like me.

And almost always, the show makes me feel so good and happy because it is so entertaining.

I love the choreographers, even though I think Mia Michaels has gotten quite an ego over the years. I recognize their styles: Wade Robson, Mandy Moore and SONYA.

I find myself not wanting to delete the shows so that I can watch the numbers again. But thank buddha for YouTube, as I can watch them over and over without taking up space on the DVR.

I just finished the first week of the top 20 finalists. LOVED IT. Everyone was incredible; every number was amazing. So as part of this season, I am going to share my very favorite numbers, even though, at least with this week, I loved them all.

But the standouts for me are Wade Robson's number, that had Kupono and Ashely:

Then Mandy Moore's routine with Ade and the Naughty Ballerina (AKA Melissa):

Finally, from the competition, this samba was surprisingly HOT:

The elimination show had this amazing opening number with all of the contestants. Just by comparison, when I watch American Idol's opening number? Well, I don't. I have to fast forward it because it's almost always, IMO, total fucking crap. But NEVER with SYTYCD:

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