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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Oh Those Funny Dreams

I mentioned how weird I think it is to share dreams with people, even last night, I had another running dream.

In this dream, me and my buddy Steve and a friend of his (whom I didn't know) decided to run to work. I was going to join them on this run, which happened to be from my part of town. Steve -- in real life -- lives in Cary.

So we are running down Glenwood Blvd, which is one of the busiest roads in Raleigh, and we are running down the traffic lanes, as if we were _allowed_ to...sort of like how bikes are allowed to be on the side of the road.

We were running and merging into lanes, as though we were cars. And we spoke not a single word to one another...just trudging along.

Then I remembered "Shit! I have a four mile run with $Bill at lunch! I can't run this route into work (my note: i don't know the distance but i have a feeling it was around 13.1 miles)! I won't have anything left at lunch!!"

And then Steve, me and Steve's friend 'pulled into' Crabtree Mall, where I had finally decided to stop my part of the run and save it for $Bill.

See why it's weird to share your dreams with others?

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