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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

My Tattoo: Session 18

I noticed I've been labeling these entries as a new tattoo but now that I'm into this many sessions, I think I can drop "new".

Today was easy! Kat thought she had more shading to do, which is what she did at the last session. She didn't realize new stuff needed to be drawn on and she hadn't prepared for that (I had no idea). So today was about 30 minutes of finishing the shading of what was left, plus some touch-ups that she decided to do elsewhere.

The area that she shaded, which is the upper left shoulder area, is not too painful. There were a few spots that I had to grit my teeth, but overall it was fine.

She changed needles and I heard a high pitched whine and discovered that this actually felt good. And the area she was hitting was throughout the lower back, and then some...just touch-ups throughout.

But I heard her change needles again and this time, I heard a low drone. It sounded mean. And it was. I kept waiting for her to turn the dang thing off because anytime it touched my skin, it tickled then PAIN. And that's how my session ended.

I was able to talk to her about my next tattoo. Yes, I have jumped ahead to another tattoo that I want. A few weeks ago, I was so excited about my idea that when I explained it to Tim, ecstatically (as if I discovered the meaning to life), he looked at me with a straight face and said 'how about get THIS one done first?'

OK. Point taken.

But fortunately, Kat's attitude was like 'sure, i don't mind working on little things while I do this one. And she even drew an idea on the area that I have in mind. :) So I'll have to ponder a bit more what I want but I may have an entry for a "new" tattoo, not too long after (or during) this one.

This picture is fresh, hot off the press. Look for the red spots -- that would be the fresh ink.

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