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Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Favorite SYTYCD Routines: Week Three

Kayla lost her partner Max last week, which I didn't particularly like (losing Max, not Max). But the first dance for her and her new partner, Kupono, was beautiful:

Janette and Brandon had a hot hip-hop routine. The hip-hop routines have to really be AMAZING for me to appreciate the art. I mean, I think hip-hop looks great but on this show, I expect a 'story' or something that isn't just flat out doing steps. This one, for me, was one of them...and Janette's outfit...DAMN.

And then the Paso Doble from Jason and Caitlin WAS FUCKING FANTASTIC! The judges found flaws but the music, the steps and those perfect bodies made this incredibly entertaining for me:

And then the group dance on Thursday's elimination show was pretty cool...and to one of Mi-Mi's favorite songs:

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