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Monday, June 08, 2009

Good Experiences Are Not Equal

There is a route that I take to work that is really beautiful. It is a wonderful 'user' experience for me. The road is twisty with brick medians between the lanes.

A couple years ago, this road was nothing but dirt. One could theoretically drive through it but it would be a very bumpy, maybe dusty or muddy, depending on the weather, ride.

It was eventually paved and along with this nice median-riddled road, a nice wide greenway meandered alongside the road. Amazing!!

But with this road came big houses. You know, those McMansions. The overpriced, overbuilt homes that people with small dicks buy to impress somebody.

And then suddenly there were No Parking signs put up alongside the road. In a sense, it made sense because they were put up around a very sharp -- almost 90 degree -- turn and the road narrows there, and there are many pedestrians, runners, and/or bikers. This road with the pretty greenway goes right into Umstead State Park, one of the most beautiful gems we have in Raleigh.

So there is a bit of bitterness about losing the 'soul' of this road to the little dicks. But you can probably tell that *I'm* not one of the bitter folk.

Regardless about the little dicks, the road is not a road meant to speed on. There are wildlife all around, in addition to being an active resource for runners, bikers, walkers, hikers, etc.

And recently, the speed limit was downgraded from 35 mph to 25 mph. When I saw the new signs, I thought "Great. I get tailgated by "co-workers" doing 35."

So far, I have had one bimbo tailgate me to the point where I could see the natural color of her hair by her roots in my rear view mirror. I don't budge. I will not budge.

But I have been closely followed by others who would rather zoom passed me if given a chance.

I also hear people put blame on the little dicks in the neighborhood. 'If it weren't for these fat cats in their McMansions, none of this would be like this! And *we* paid for it!!'

The "we" implying us taxpayers in the city.

And the complaint of 'none of this would be like this' is meant for the pretty median-lined road. Some people feel the medians are not necessary. Sure. I could buy into that but, um, I think it looks nice. It also serves a purpose to SLOW THE FUCK DOWN. But for some reason, the user experience sought by the assholes that work at the same company I work at is to get to work as fast as possible. But if they're behind me, they ain't getting anywhere until they actually reach the work site, where they can just FLY BY ME as I flip them off and curse the shit out of them -- only they can't see it or hear it. :)

Here are some pics of the route, the 25 mph zone begins:

One of the little dick Subdivisions:

This is the nearly 90 degree turn. Notice the pedestrian on the far left. I always think that one car going just a little too fast is going to do some damage:

This is the start of a real windy part of the road:

The first part of the S:

The second part of the S:

This is a picture of what the medians look like on this road:

And the road that takes me to the major road that takes me home and turns from 25 to 35:

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  1. +2. remember when north harrison was a 2laner and 40 wasnt?