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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Girls' Nights Out

Tim was off in Brevard having a fun time doing adventure racing (camp). While he was out, I decided to make the evenings fun for me and my girls and try out different eateries.

Wednesday night was Chubby's tacos. We all agreed that it was fun and great but girls' felt it was just too spicy for them. This might have to be one of the work-lunch destinations for me.

Thursday night was supposed to be a little hole in the wall Chinese place called China Court, but the girls didn't seem to get their taco fix, so we went to El Dorado next. I'm not a fan of these types of places as everything tastes the same. The staff, however, was very flirty with me. When I left, one dude said 'See you tomorrow'. Yeah. That'll do it.

Friday night was my pick. I warned them early on: Friday is sushi night! I thought of a few places: Kanki's, because that was my first real sushi place. Sushi-Thai because that is THE first place I had sushi. And then Waraji, which is right around the corner from our house and is full of high praise. I decided to go local (they all are, BTW) and avoid the temptation (by my girls) to go mall shopping, and chose Waraji.

I had been to Waraji for lunch a few years ago. My memory of it from that moment does not match the memory of it from Friday's meal.

First of all: I won't say much about the sushi I ate. Why? Because it was good. It was delicious. But I have not ventured outside of my california-roll-with-no-roe, except to have the special cucumber rolls. So my opinion is EXTREMELY limited about sushi. One day, I want to try different things, but I'll need a lot of sake to help me out.

So I'll just be superficial and comment on the atmosphere: there wasn't any. I was sadly disappointed. I felt like it was just a very simple place, with simple decor, that did not match my previous, wrong, recollection of ambience.

Perhaps if we had sat at the sushi bar, or one of the four floor tables, I would have had a different take, but sitting at a table just felt like sitting at a take-out Chinese spot.

The waitress was extremely wonderful. At some point in the beginning of the meal, Mi-Mi's neck started to ache. She was brought to tears at how painful it was (like an odd twist?) and the waitress asked if she was OK. After explaining the situation, she would continually bring out warm wash cloths for Mi-Mi to set on her neck.

So, food: good...based on my limitations. Staff: great. Ambiance? Eh. Unfortunately, I would have rather gone to Kanki's and surround ourselves with the mall clatter.

Saturday I had planned on Bali Hai. But then temptation hit me and I envisioned a gayest time with my girls at The Melting Pot. But I have banned that place because it is so ridiculously overpriced...but I was serious about going and using the "priceless" commercial to validate the expense.

But CJ suggested Lone Star...well, that was my other option, and she acknowledged that's where she wanted to go.

Lone Star used to be close to "local". It was local to NC. Tim worked for them in Greenville and the Cary location. This was his first job after leaving the military. And the times he worked at the one in Gville are memorable.

And although, technically, our youngest is not named after these two girls, she does share the same first and middle names with two of Tim's co-workers.

So it's not hard to twist my arm to hit the place.

The meal was as you would expect: good and plenty. I did notice that the salad had more iceberg than usual. Cutting prices?

The restaurant was virtually empty for a Saturday evening, at approximately 8PM.

The manager was doing her table checks and seemed overzealous, like, 'I am soooo glad you are here because I'm about to lose my job'.

The waitress, while nice, was a bit over-the-top.

And again, because I must be so conceited, I felt like a couple of the male staff members were flirty. For instance, my wine was delivered to me by the bartender, much to the surprise of the waitress. No biggie but we had TWO bar orders -- a cherry coke (coke & grenadine with cherries) for my little lady.

Another dude picked up our cleaned up plates a few times, always chit-chatting.

Hey, I'm not complaining but, well, you know, seems a bit low...

But we enjoyed ourselves and I hope to introduce them to more local places, since I was unable to hit all the ones I intended.

And CJ, my picky eater, actually enjoyed her sushi. I don't know how she did it, but she managed to eat california rolls, with chopsticks, without the seaweed, crab and avocado.

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