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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Fried Brain

Today: All ready to go and get my run in early in the day. Go to where I know my watch and iPod are and cannot find them. "I just saw them here yesterday? Who moved it?" I think "Why would anyone move it? Truly, no one knows that I keep my supplies here." I am befuddled but the good news is that I found the camera that has been lost for a week and a half. :)

It dawns on me: duh. I used it last night. They are both in the car. I feel like a complete idiot. I searched for a good five minutes with absolutely NO CLUE as to where it was. Shouldn't my memory be better than that?

Later that morning, I see a blurb on some upcoming events at the comedy club. I just casually look at the date of Rich Vos' showing. I have made reservations for that show, which will be sometime this month. Um. No. The dates are June 4th-7th! That is THIS week! OMG.

I double-check my online ticket order and sure enough, my reservation is for this Thursday. I had already planned - and sent invitations to all my Raleigh friends - to attend a book signing by one of my favorite authors. I am sorry. It's Rich Vos night for me.

Now, afternoon: I have a second "workout" of the day - a wallyball match. I get to the gym and search and search for my Food Lion bag full of clothes in the car. I just put it in the car this morning! Where the hell is it? I look in the back. I look in the disaster area that is the 'trunk' of the mini-van. I think I found a dead animal (JJ).

Then I remembered that I had taken it all in this morning when I came in to run. DUH TIMES TWO. WTF is wrong with me today?

Now, I have my workout clothes on, sneakers too. Ready to go and head for one last bathroom break when I realize I forgot to put my kneepads on. I have just locked the locker and tied up my shoes.

Seriously? Where is my brain today? I feel just fine, other than the sore hip flexor, ankle and calf...

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