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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The End of an Era

OK. I am a bit over dramatic with the title but there is a bit of resemblance to it. My oldest, CJ, has finished elementary school.

The end of childhood.

The end of young friendships.

The end of a simple time.

Her school had a "Moving Up" ceremony. For the last few weeks, she has been so excited about it. She found a beautiful 'graduation' dress. She was going to wear make-up.

A couple weeks ago, she and three of her BFFs went to the mall to shop for a fellow BFF's graduation dress. They all found matching strapless bras, flip-flops and tank tops. And the whole time they were out and about? Not a single phone call or text message *to me*.

I took it hard. I akin it to how a father must feel when he is no longer *the* guy that his daughter wants to be with. I was no longer her 'cool' mom to go to. :(

So me and the girls were slow to get up today, on the last day of school for both of them. We managed to get up and CJ wanted me to curl her hair. I did and also put on some make-up for her. She asked if she could wear a pair of my shoes. Sure, I say but I am thinking "What pair could she possibly wear? They won't fit." And lo and behold, she comes out of my closet with a pair of wedged sandals. And. They. Fit.


The ceremony itself was quite nice. It was a bit sad because the principal is also leaving for middle a principal, of course. He started at the school when CJ started there, so there was a little twinge of melancholy for me.

The speeches were awesome. We heard from Mr. Hill, who was principal of CJ's school back when it was a 'decrepit' building and how he built it to what it is today. The advice he gave was borrowed from a previous speech at the same school, from the 60s I think. I won't get it right but it was close to something about 'as you leave here, I want you to drink, steal, and swear...drink from the fountain of knowledge; steal yourself away from bad people; swear that you will be a better person.'

He told them that he knew how excited they were about the next venture. But he told them to slow down. Life comes by fast and in a blink of an eye, they will be sitting in these chairs watching their own children moving out of 5th grade.

The principal's speech was just as moving. He talked about how nervous he was for these students, as much as their parents, because he knew that the next phase would bring them temptations, frustrations, and doubt. But he told them to be the person they are from within and do what they know is right and not what others tell them is right.

And the one thing that sort of freaked me out: they proclaimed them the class of 2016.

2016?!? WTF? Where did the time go?

Then they had the slideshow of pictures of the 5th graders through the past year. You must know that by this time I was already through one tissue, trying very hard to suppress my noisy gasps, sobbing because I know that this is the end of CJ's innocence as an elementary CHILD.

I've already seen it over the past year. About a week ago, I think CJ and I had our first "I hate mom" tiff. And for the past few months, I have been troubled by CJ -- and her BFFs -- 'elimination' of one BFF. There were five...or maybe there were four...and one was dropped or replaced.

I've tried to talk to CJ about the whole "clique" thing and making sure SHE makes the decision to de-friend someone because SHE wants to...not because her friends want to. It hasn't changed anything. And during the slideshow, I cried for the lost friend when I saw a picture of the four girls -- the girls without the lost friend.

Once the ceremony was over, and the students were released from school, the clique came back into the gym, attached at the hip as usual. It was quite cute. But I walked over to the lost friend, sitting with new girls I never knew. I touched her shoulder and gave her my congrats. I told her that I hoped that she and CJ would resolve their issues and that I missed seeing her come over the house. She gave me a weak smile and said Thank You, which tore my heart into more pieces.

The girls will be able to hang out more during the summer, except for one, who will be gone the entire summer. And then? They are off to different schools. And no matter what, this will end that clique. And even though I know she will make new friends and new cliques, it will be sad that these friendships right now, so fun, so gleeful, so giggly and innocent, will be gone.

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  1. A very sweet post. It wasn't that long ago that you were pregnant with her and i was meeting you for the first time. Hard to believe the time has flown so fast.

    The end of elementary school IS an end of an era. Middle school was so much different. At least for me, it was so much less sheltered, with a lot of growing up and a lot of refusing to grow up (ie, being a whiny brat). I wish CJ the best!