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Friday, June 26, 2009

Chubby's Tacos

I had been seeing a few random musings on blogs and Triangle-related sites full of accolades for Chubby's Tacos. Chubby's, it seems, is a Durham local favorite. And now, they have a Raleigh location.

I decided to take the girls there before book club on Wednesday. From the outside, I thought it was just going to be a divey-on-the-dumpy side kind of place, but I was surprised to see it ended up quite cool and funky. We decided to sit at the 'bar' since Mi-Mi wanted to sit on the 'purple chair'.

The menu is laid out with "$2 tacos", "$3 tacos" and "$4 tacos" with a list for each type. There are other things to order too: burritos and quesadillas. And like many similar joints, there is a salsa bar.

Mi-Mi opted for a cheese quesadilla. CJ had two ground beef crispy tacos. I decided on the Spicy Carne Asada filling for my soft corn tortilla, and one of their grilled flaming shrimp special fillings. We also added an order of guacamole and chips.

YUMMY. Loved it, loved it, loved it. The atmosphere is so nice and the food tasted spicy and fresh.

And it is spicy. The guacamole could not be eaten by my guacamole-y loving children. And CJ's ground beef tacos were too hot for her...but perfect for me! However, I had my own two tacos to deal with.

The grilled shrimp was sooo good with nice plump shrimp and obvious spiciness throughout. The carne asada was more shredded-liquidy but still good. I was expecting more chunks and less liquid BUT STILL GOOD.

Unfortunately, there was no way I could eat CJ's two (now halved) tacos and the two I got. Plus the guac and chips! So I know for next time to order them, maybe, one at a time...

Chubby's Tacos is located at Wycliff Road, in the Lake Boone Shopping Center where Sushi-Thai and 2nd City Grill also are located.

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