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Friday, May 15, 2009


My daughters have become Subway fans. And yes, this is Subway, the sandwich shop.

This is fine since they are eating turkey and lettuce vs. fried something-made-of-chicken-parts nuggets and french fries. Don't get me wrong: I don't mind this but I am thrilled that they enjoy something _other_ than the bad stuff.

So it has been ages since I have ever stepped foot in a Subway. Tim and I used to go there a lot while we dated. I always always always got the steak and cheese, which apparently is not on the menu any more.

Now that I frequent these places for my kids...and there is no driveway...I begin to see a pattern...

First, all of these stores have very gruff, non-touchy-feely folks working. It's like a "hurry up, place your order, I have better things to do" attitude. I have been to two different Subways in Raleigh and one in Cary. The attitude is the same at these three stores.


Second, my order seems to end up being complicated.

The kids can get a mini-sub, with apples and a drink. *My* kids always want chips instead of apples, so we get those.

This immediately 'cancels' out the kid's meal price, even though we never get the apples. I find this to be a racket. You are CHEATING ME out of a few cents because you are greedy bastards.

I've blown it off. I could give you many reasons why but I end up not saying anything or doing anything.

But I'm getting tired of it.

Today I stopped at Subway for the girls. I picked up sandwiches for Tim and I at Roly Poly, but stopped at a Raleigh subway for my girls.

I told the dude I wanted two kids' turkey subs.

He says "mini subs?" I say 'whatever the kid's menu offers'. So I think he is trying to throw me off and 'mistakenly' order something else. I'm onto you...

I saw one sandwich so I told him I needed another because they are going to be the same. Stoic movements. No reaction, bad or good.

I get the fixins put on as requested by the girls. Then as we check out, I pick out six cookies (3 for 1.59). So six cookies, two chips, and two sandwiches.

He bagged these up and asked if I wanted drinks with it. I thought they came with drinks so I asked about that 'don't they come with it?"

And here comes the spiel...well, the kids menu comes with apples and you got chips and it has a drink but we can switch it out and blah blah blah blah blah. Lots of words thrown out there to confuse me. Finally, I just said "forget the drinks".

And then what? A pause. Confusion. Then he takes everything out of the bags and puts it into a different bag, thus, avoiding the toy that comes with the kids meal. My kids now have 'adult' mini subs priced food.

I shook my head. I said nothing. I should have. I didn't. I just couldn't believe how stupid he would be over a few pennies. Not surprised. I just cannot go to these places any more. Tim is going to have to order or I am going to have to find a way to get my girls to eat sandwiches from other places...preferably local!

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