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Saturday, May 16, 2009


Our Friday ended up being a little more dramatic than we anticipated.

I was on my way to pick up my beautiful girls from school. I had a great plan: take them swimsuit shopping, pick up lobster tail (if they were cheap), broccoli and shrooms for a great pasta dish, and watch Project Runway while sipping on wine, with happy people in the house.

I was about five minutes away from the school when I received a call from Tim.
The school called and said CJ fell down. She's OK but strained her leg so she doesn't want to walk home.

Hmmm...I think. Will she still want to go swimsuit shopping? Of course she will!

I notice Mi-Mi standing outside of the school, waiting for CJ as I pass by looking for a parking space. Man, she is sooooo cute, I think to myself.

As I park and get out to meet them, I quickly text CJ (after trying to call first) to let her know I am there. I see Mi-Mi standing next to a sitting CJ, who is tending to her leg.

When I get to them, CJ gets up and Mi-Mi grabs my hand. I ask how her leg is and she says it feels better. Great, I think and I quickly blurt out "Do you want to go swimsuit shopping?!" And when I look over to CJ, she is in tears.

Oh no! What is wrong with my beautiful baby? She explains that no one really paid any attention to her, with regard to her leg. She still has a splinter in there.

A splinter? What do you mean? I know nothing about a splinter! They didn't take it out?!

She says they are not allowed to (huh?). They gave her ice and made her go back up the stairs to her room. And her leg really hurts.

I give her a hug and tell her that I am going to fix it. I'll get that splinter out. Then I'm calling the school about the way they handled this. She smiles. She likes when mommy sticks up for her.

When we get home, I tell CJ to lie in my bed, get comfy, and I'll clean up her leg -- the shin, specifically -- and grab her a snack. She gets the queen treatment.

I grab my supplies: alcohol, bandaids, children's tylenol, spoon, the neosporin-like-stuff, tweezers, cotton balls and q-tips.

As I start cleaning her leg, it becomes clear that the splinter is wedged in there pretty good. I am processing how I am going to get this thing out without causing too much pain. I am playing it cool because CJ, even though she was calm, was pretty tender about the whole thing.

I can feel the splinter, which is noticeable close to the skin, but about 1/4 of it was unseen but felt under the skin. This tells me it is really deep.

The shin is not like our foot or hand...I can't cut a bit of the skin away from the splinter without causing pain. To get the tweezers around the initial piece of the splinter would mean dipping a piece of the tweezer INTO the skin to get a grip. In other words, the splinter was wedged in that it was flushed with the opening of the skin. Nothing was sticking out on it's own...

I pushed a little bit to see if I could get it to pop up a little bit out of the whole to grip with the tweezers. No go. Because the end piece was beneath the skin (where you couldn't see it from the outside), there was no way to push from that end. Think of ~30 degree angle of impact. Not a great pic but the blueish part is the splinter that you can see beneath the skin and then below that, where it is just skin colored? There is more...

So I made the mommy call: time to go to a doc-in-the-box. I called Tim to let him know and he was going to meet me at a place we had been to before...

CJ had a minor panic attack at the mention of this. I explained that the docs would have better tools than I have *and* it won't take them 30 minutes to do this...

It took a bit of investigation but doc figured out what I knew: the 'stake' was in pretty good. Even with his tiny tweezer tips, there was no way to pull it out without cutting the skin a bit. With a few shots of lidocaine, a little snip snip and voila! The little booger was out:

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