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Monday, May 04, 2009

My New Tattoo: Session 16

I made it through my first tattoo session since July of last year.

I wasn't looking forward to it.

I mean, I was looking forward to going back to Dogstar.

I was looking forward to hanging out with Kat and Rachael.

And I was looking forward to the session being over.

But I was soooooooooooooooo reluctant to sit through pain again.

And all this time has passed, I have made it seem so bad.

Have you ever smoked cigarettes before? Well I have. And for many years after I quit, I thought about smoking again: how soothing it felt, that long deep inhale of smoke into my lungs. I remembered the "good" things about smoking. In reality, I forgot that it burned. I stank. I coughed. If I had too many, my lungs felt like they burned 24/7. But the fantasy was remembering all the good parts.

This was not the case with the tattoo session. I remembered only the bad parts. There are many more good parts but I focused on how. much. pain. I. will. be. enduring.

I tried to relax and start thinking of things to keep my mind off the pain. I felt like I was in a race: thinking about all the time I had to do this before I made it to the end.

But guess what? It wasn't that bad!

Sure, it's still painful but let's not forget that I can actually like it. It's just that in the large doses I was having, well, it's hard to keep liking it.

But this one was nice. There were a few moments of sheer and utter, cutting, fiery pain but the rest of the time, not bad at all. I am hoping that this section - the part around the top left of my shoulder/back, will be less tender than the rest of my back.

I still need to head down to Fayt-nam for laser removal of the old tattoo, which is the only thing you can see on my back that has color. The "cover up" is gray wash only. NO COLOR. I get a lot of "oooo, the color's coming on!" when people look at my, it's coming OFF.

The new part is the tail of the dragon - starting from the mid part of the back, going toward the upper left side. It will trail across my shoulder and end at the upper part of my left arm.

And no. I do not know how many sessions are left. This is an art in progress. There is no calculation of how much is left until we truly get close to the end.

If you can't tell what's new, then see my last session's picture for a reminder.

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