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Thursday, May 14, 2009


If you are not familiar with this acronym, it stands for End-of-Grade tests. These are administered to grades 3-12 around this time, here in North Carolina.

I remember my pediatrician talking to CJ about these when she was approaching third grade...she mentioned how teachers and school administrators would make a big deal out of these but that it really isn't a test of *her*'s a test that represents the teachers/school.

Whether that is true or not, one thing is for sure: it *is* a big deal from the teachers and school. They make a very big deal out of it and really try to make the students feel 'at ease', as they make a big deal out of it.

Last week, CJ's 5th grade teacher requested that the parents pull together to provide snack and drink for the kids during the EOG week. No problem.

Then we are sent home a whole page of stuff about EOG week...including the following items aimed at the students"
* Get plenty of rest each night prior to the test
* Eat a well-balanced breakfast. Free breakfast will be provided for students in grades 3-5 on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
* Read each question carefully and more than once if necessary.
* Prove your answers by showing your work in math and underlining clue words.
* Prove your work in reading by underlining information in the text to support your answer choices.
* Use all materials that are provided as necessary (example: calculator).
* Do not spend too much time on one question. Mark it in the answer book & go back to it later.
* Make sure that you keep up with the time and use it wisely.

Um, I don't know about you...but reading that gave me heart palpitations...and *I* am not taking the tests! I didn't go through any of this during PSATS!!

On top of that, the Kindergartners, first and second graders go to each class in 3-5th and write 'good luck' messages to all the students.

It's soooo sweet -- MiMi talked about how they 'snuck' into a 3rd grade classroom and wrote and left secret good luck messages to all the students in that class.

I found CJ's card this morning. The front has a pencil drawn on it and in big letters "Good luck!" then "Do swell!" and 'sample' questions, like: "Who was Christoper Columbus?", 92-84+82=, 583x488=?

Inside the card, it has "Do well on your EOG! Remember Slow and Study wins the race!", "#1 thats you!", "get an A+"...

...and signed "From Mrs. Weaver's class".

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