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Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Convenient Course from Hell

This would be a route that mi amigos and I take frequently at work.

I used to argue that the clockwise route was better. $Bill disagreed and thought the counter-clockwise route was better.

The answer? Both routes suck. You have to pick your poison.

So I've run this route recently a couple of times, in preparation for the work 5K in celebration of National Employee Health & Fitness Day.

For a couple years, I wouldn't run this 'race'. Why? Because it's fricking hard. I run this for recreation and it sucks; why on earth would I attempt to run it competitively?

Because I am sick. It's like cracking your hurts but it feels good afterward?

The route starts off pretty easy. Then there's a few rolling hills that used to suck for me but aren't too bad now; not compared to the rest of the route. The treat for the initial rolling hills is a nice long downhill.

Then, it's a little flat until there's a slow up...then an even smaller recovery before the second slope that knocks the wind out of you. In my case, my head thinks about how hot my feet are and that there is a third UP. And the third one? That's the one that breaks your spirit.

But I've run it enough that I know, if I can convince myself not to give up, that once this is over, I have another big nice downhill to take and a pretty good while of down run to recover for the end, which is where you have to dig down and ignore the fact that it is an uphill battle all the way.

This is the major drive into my workplace. You run up; a small, very short dip, and then you run up again. You turn left and as you turn left, you are running up. And it evens out for just a little bit, but you end up running up again towards a softball field, then UP TO THE FINISH.

Here's a screenshot of the elevation map of the course:

Last week, I ran the entire route. To do this in less than 30 minutes (and this would be a three mile version, not the 3.22 I ran last week) is GREAT and rare for me.

I felt great when I finished and noticed that I ran it in under 30 minutes. I was like: oh yeah! I am a runner! I rule! I rock!! That was good! I was feeling good!

Then I noticed my minute per mile average was 8:59. What? I swear I was doing 8:30s!!!

That's how hard that course is. And I am going to drive myself batty on Wednesday when I try to challenge myself to do well. What is well? I don't know yet.

It's not going to be a PR but I'd like to make a pretty good pace for this course. Kind of like when $Bill and I ran half mile hill in 4:55 -- a challenge that $Bill brought up that became my challenge too. We did it in November of last year and it was like "Oh yeah. I did it. I don't need to do it again."

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  1. I'll be there too. I personally MUCH prefer the course the way it is done. The reverse route does not appeal to me - i'll take the shorter, steeper routes most of the time, and the long downhill through the woods is nice. I don't want to do that uphill! The end is the worst. I

    I wish us both luck!