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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Catch Me If You Can

That was the theme of today's run, according to Elite Rob.

This was after the 1.5 mile run with 5 and 6 minute milers. Oh. There was "slow" Felipe, but he was booking during the warm-up too. I managed only because it was downhill...and I got to chat. But my eyes lit up when I saw $Bill, who was near the start of the actual run.

It all started at 5 AM. I don't get up this early. But I did for the first "Chase" run. When I got to the meeting spot, only one car was in the parking lot. Uh oh. Perhaps I am at the wrong place?

So as I think about calling Bill, who was going to do the run too, he calls.

"Are we supposed to meet at Cary Academy?"

"Tell Brennan I'll meet you all at Dynasty."

"Because I don't want to run 8 miles."
8 miles!?

"Yes, 1.5 warm-up; 4.75 mile run; 1.5 mile cool down."
Uh oh. I didn't do the math. I don't want to do 8 miles either!

"If you want, I'll give you a ride back."
I want.

A "chase" run is where there is a staggered start, depending on your estimated pace. Slowest starts first, then a time gap, then the next slowest, another time gap...this one the elite runners can attempt to catch us turtles.

Bill and I were going second. Somehow, Bill got hooked to do an 8:45 pace...I almost turned to run with the first turtle for the 9 mn pace.

We started out good and fast. I thought Bill was humping it but apparently I was a footstep ahead so he thought I was setting the pace. We started sub 8s...EEK! We have a long way to go!!

We managed to pull it back to a somewhat even pace around 8:38. It's an out and back and the turn-around point was my coach's dad.

Isn't that the coolest? Her day (and mom) hung out that early in the morning to just be the turn-around point? I ain't got the's amazing.

Now, the way back to the finish was very difficult. My legs were tingling from the run. My head was thinking about how long the way back is. This particular part of the greenway is not a pleasant one for me because it's usually the end of my long runs and mentally, it just seems to take forever. I have the last 2+ miles memorized and until I can see the end, the whole thing sucks for me.

So that's what I had to contend with. I wanted to stop. I wanted to walk. But the pressure of knowing those elite runners would catch me was stroking my ego. I think, seriously, if most had passed me, I would have gone slower and not kept the tempo pace.

Bill stuck it out too. He seemed to have more energy than me and was pumping me up. I needed that. Because all I could think of was "F***k".

One guy passed us but we made it to the end before they started shooting to through the last gate like flies. Had I walked, stopped, or slowed down one little bit, they would have caught me.

That was one of the hardest runs I've had OFF the track. And looking around? It was hard for the fast ones too. We were all suffering together. :-)

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