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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Capital City Classic 10K Report

This 10K was the last race I had on my plan for the Winter and Spring. I will do other that seem interesting, but this was the last one I had on my race calendar for the first half of the year.

The girls were going to run too. I signed them up for a 400m dash (CJ) and a 200m dash (Mi-Mi). After the disorganization of getting our race packets, the girls made it in the nick of time to the start of their respective races.

I told CJ to "run fast". I know she can, she did a 7:58 mile at the mile run at Second Empire this past September.

She did. Well, she said it was easy. She finished first. Well ahead of the other five or so children (ages 7-10)... I was *so* happy for her. And what did she get for her great run (and $5 entry fee)?



Even at Second Empire, all the kids got medals. She got NO-THING. No t-shirt. Zero. Zilch.

Same for Mi-Mi, although she wasn't first and had a minor meltdown due to having to run anything all by herself. No biggie. I still have meltdowns before, during, and after my races...

Anyway, now I am up to bat. I see my coach, Brennan, at the very front. I am secretly repeating a mantra for her to win.

You heard right. WIN. First place.


Because *she* can. And has. She is completely awesome and humble about it but she is _that_ good. And she has two young show that mom's can be fast.

And her hubby was there *and* her dad, who was rooting for her (of course). Just too cool. Tim and I are gonna follow in those footsteps with our girls.

Back to me...

The weather at the time felt pretty decent. There was a nice cool breeze. I wasn't overly excited but hopeful for a good run.

And we're off. The route is very familiar. The first couple of miles is similar to the 4th of July race, as well as others, so I was familiar with the route. I felt really great and tried hard to not let the "faster" runners mess with my ego as they passed me. I had a good rhythm and felt strong.

My first three miles was 24:58 and I believe I was at 25:1x at the 5K, breaking my race time -- although I don't count that in my PRs...just an observation.

And then approaching mile four...I fell apart. My feet were hot. And when they are hot, I can't concentrate on anything else other than how hot my f'ing feet are. Hot feet make me EXTREMELY CRANKY.

I tried counting in my head...a rhythm in tuned with my tune out my hot feet. It would work for a few minutes but then the burning feeling in my soles would remind me about how hot it was.

And it was hot. From mile three to four, it was straight out in the bright sun with the wind no where in "sight". I wanted to walk *so* bad but once I saw the water stop at mile four, I thought "I can make it to that and I'll walk while I drink water." And the best part was that the mile four water stop was at the bottom of a small hill, so I could walk up.

I wanted to grab three cups of water: one to drink and one for each of my feet. But the water thingamajig looked almost empty and I decided to grab only one. I walked slowly and for 1:48 of my time.

I did NOT want to start again. But I did. And I then at some point, I stopped again and walked. I wanted to cry. Truly. I wanted to end this madness. I wanted to get in a car and go home. I did not want to run anymore. And I didn't want to walk nearly 2.2 miles to the finish.

And then I thought of my girls. That I couldn't quit, even if I ended up jogging an 18 mn mile :-). So I started running again. It was slower than my first three miles but surprisingly, looking at my pace on my GPS watch, I was in the low 9s. It felt like I was doing 11 mn miles. I never looked at my watch again. OK. That's a lie. I looked at how much more I had left to finish the cruelty and my heart would drop every time I knew I was that much further from the finish...

I saw a girl who would pass me, walk (I pass her), then run and pass me again. This went over and over and over. At the last point that I said "fuck it, I am running all the way to the finish because walking will take too long", she started walking and I felt a minor compulsion to tell her to just keep jogging, no matter how slow it was. But I didn't. I couldn't find enough in me to care that much; just enough to be sympathetic.

I saw Tim, the girls and $Bill. What a great sight to see. I needed that and I said nothing as I passed them. I didn't want to relay any negativity even though I wanted to just ask Tim to take me home. At that point, I still had a good mile plus to go...

How I made it to the finish, I'll never know. But I did. I heard Tim, $Bill and Brennan rooting me on. I was thrilled. But I wasn't going to pick up the pace. And then I think I heard Douglas, Brennan's hubby, yell "Finish strong! Run hard Cindy!" and I did. It may not have looked like it but I did.

I noticed the finish clock and it was 55:08, or something close to that. My goal was to beat my Neuse River 10K and hit 53:00. Oh well. I was glad to finish it period.


  1. Sounds like a tough race - but i'm glad you finished it! and you did a good job to keep going til the end. Hot feet is an affliction i'm really glad i don't have - i don't know how you handle it! I do have moments when i notice the temperature of my feet being elevated, but most of the time i don't/can't focus on it. You inspire me - i'll remember your drive to finish when i'm doing my 15K this weekend - i'm not looking forward to it.

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  4. Sorry to hear that everything did not go as planned, but it sounds like you persevered. Btw, there is a wonderful picture of you and of your daughter at, look for the CCC gallery. Take care and hopefully you will come back next year.