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Thursday, May 28, 2009


One would think that my workout regiment was coming down.

I don't have a race that I am training for, so my run days will go from four days to three. And I won't be suffering 8-10 mile runs over the summer (thus far).

I'm not swimming since I need to get this tattoo done.

But, I am upping my strength training, since I can concentrate on that more since I am not training for a run. And coach says it's a good time to build my strength up before my Fall season.

But after Tuesday's "chase" run, my left hip flexor started aching. Aching so much that I had to shorten my stride *while walking*. It hurt.

Wednesday's strength training workout introduced me to a sore left shoulder and left sore that I had to lighten my weight.

And the hip flexor continued to hurt...walking is not easy. I feel like a cripple, not a runner.

And today? Yoga reminded me that my biceps still hurt (more on the left) so that my vinyasas were limited. I went from plank to upward dogs (no knees, baby) to plank to child poses.

Although I had some good hip stretches during the yoga workout, walking is still difficult. It's worse when I start 'fresh', meaning, at every moment I get up to start walking.

But I put in a four mile run at a brisk pace *in the dead heat of NOONISH*...and it felt fine. But walking since? Ouchy.

Let's see what tomorrow brings when I attempt yet another workout, this one new...and my first leg workout in a really, really, really long time...

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