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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Billy Bob Thornton: You Ain't No Hillbilly; You're An Elitist Jackass

On my run today, I heard this (vs. seeing the youtube video) on KATG. You would do much more justice listening to the KATG podcast (episode 936 Extra Gravy) because it comes with commentary that is hilarious.

But instead, I'll include the youtube video for your viewing pleasure.

I _was_ a Billy Bob Thornton fan. I loved him in movies before Slingblade. I still like him but, man, what a fucking douchebag. And why should I be surprised? These elitist actors are just big fucking babies and try to play "I am just a normal dude and a rebel against Hollywood types." Bullshit.

CHILL THE FUCK OUT you hollywood elitists. You just fit right back into the stereotypes you supposedly are trying to avoid.


  1. I wonder what the other dudes in the band are thinking.

  2. I hope they were pissed and reamed him. He is quite naive to think he could get any publicity without being who he is...