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Sunday, May 31, 2009

8 Count

A musical theme for my run today: counting to 8 while listening to music (vs. my favorite KATG podcasts).

My six mile run was supposed to be yesterday. I didn't go early because I didn't want to get up _that_ early to run before my 9AM judging dive clinic. I had planned to do it afterward but got caught up in a Chef Ramsey moment and cleaned my kitchen...not just cleaned, but DETAILED it. And now I love walking in it because it's so shiny :-).

So when the late afternoon came, I was exhausted. A week of trying out P90X daily added double workouts to my days and well, I'm old so I'm not used to that. I decided I would nap instead and worry about getting the run in on Sunday.

Which leads me to today. I didn't really _want_ to do it but the great thing about keeping a schedule is that the habit of DOING the workout outweighs NOT doing it...for the most part. It's not always a guarantee that I give in to just taking another day off.

But I didn't today and I had a 9:30 goal pace for my six miles. In the back of my head, maybe the middle of it, I didn't necessarily feel up to running a 9:30 pace.

So I started off easy, and to a new downloaded song by Helmet, Unsung. This was a great way to start.

I noticed I was running about a 10:20 pace when I swore I wasn't going to be looking at my watch and judging myself. By the first mile, I had a 10:15 pace and I decided I was just going to let the pace come to me.

I started this run about 11 AM, a little late for my normal weekend runs but I did one last week at 4PM, so I guess I'm changing it up a bit. The weather was really great! No humidity and a nice breeze. I loved it.

In noticed I was counting to eight in my head so I decided I would keep the beat and pretty much did that for the entire run. I paid little attention to my surroundings, so I was not a 'hi-and-bye' kind of runner other words, a snob. But I wanted to get the run down and to hell with all the pedestrians around me!

I also ran with my visor that I received for winning the age group at the work 5K a few weeks ago. I am not a visor kind of gal but I recently read a blog post about a runner who cannot live without his visors and has usually received them in goody bags.

One thing I want to make a note of is this: every time I go out for a run from the hacienda, I think 'maybe I don't need to carry water with me today'. I almost did that again today so I want to remind myself, if I ever read this again, BRING YOUR WATER. I can go awhile without water but once I need it, I NEED IT. And I am so thankful to the person (me) who decided to bring it along.

My playlist today was random with a few regular artists that seemed to shuffle more than others. Coincidentally, I ended my six miles with Desperado, which seemed fitting as I was so wanting the end of the run by the end. I started slow, then primped into a peacock by mile one and was showing off my feathers, to end to
I know that you got your reasons
These things that are pleasin you
Can hurt you somehow

You would think he wasn't singing about love but about ending a six mile run...

Unsung by Helment
Time is Running Out by Muse
Scene of a Perfect Crime by Concrete Blonde
Raspberry Beret by Prince
Dirty Mind by Prince
The Last Mile by Cinderella
I know Somethin (Bout You) by Alice in Chains
Love's Got Me Doin' Time by Cinderella
It Ain't Like That by Alice in Chains
Purple Rain by Prince
Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
My Sexual Live by Everclear
Desperado by The Eagles

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