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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Support System

Today, during our run, my running buddy Frank said he forgot to thank his wife. For what? For supporting his running habit.

Frank spent most of last year training for a marathon. He did two of them: one in the first part of the year; the other the second part of the year. That meant up to four hours of a single run during the weekend. Frank and Jen have two young sons and Jen is back at school. Four hours is a big chunk of time to devote to 'me time' and four hour runs don't quite make you feel rejuvenated at the end.

For me, I have been running solo weekend runs for years. Tim joins me but for a good part of those years, he did not. And not one single complaint about my "me time"...instead, he supported me by coming to my races, or trying to beat me at these races, and many times, bringing our kids to show them what mom can do.

$Bill is a long-time trainer -- years *and* lots of long times during the week and the weekend. He has done training for half Ironmans, marathons, and many, many triathlons. Again, nothing but support from his wife.

We take it for granted: that our spouses can be so easy about our habit. Granted, Frank's wife is active and has done triathlons; she sometimes runs with me! Tim is very active and Bill's wife is an active dancer. So our spouses also have their own 'me times'.

But I know people who aren't so lucky. And during the run today, the conversation was centered around why the better halves can be so crappy about the other person's desire to train for marathons, or any other race, or just to run.

And I was really dissing this mindset. I found it unfair, cruel even. But Kendal put it into perspective and knocked me off my hypocritical pedestal when he said "well, some people could play golf for four hours a day..."

Um, golf? Four hours? Why would anyone do that?

And I remembered Tim had done that, in his previous life. And I remember not liking it either. I think four hours was the MINIMUM time he spent golfing...and I also remember that my own dad was the same way. And I didn't get it.

And so, I ate crow...on the inside...thinking, you know, it's all relative. To me, running, biking, swimming, exercising up to four hours is not bad. I totally get it and *I* would be supportive to anyone wanting to do that...but golf? Or any other _thing_ that I don't relate to? It's all the same, though...and I'm glad Kendal snapped me out of my sanctimonious bullshit...

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