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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Spring Break Day One and Two

Wednesday was our first day of Spring Break. The girls had to go to school Monday and Tuesday as make-up days for snow earlier in the year. Quite honestly, though, if we had made plans? Screw make-up days. I heard on the news, in fact, that absentees were HIGH throughout the county this past Monday. Um, duh?

I had to start the day with a drive to Durham to get my tattoo looked at. No ink work but a reevaluation of what we needed to do. I need to go to Fayt-nam (Fayetteville) for tattoo REMOVAL of the colored pieces of the one that I am covering up. I thought I'd get it done this break, but now I'm thinking it's not going to happen. Starting a break two days later puts a dent into my free time...

So when I got back, we headed out to the dollar store -- after breakfast at BK's for the girls -- to find stuff for Easter Egg hunting. Then we hit Monkey Joe's, a big jumping factory, for them to hop around like bunnies. The place was packed! I sat mildly annoyed at all the peeps and their rugrats around me...but I had my book with me to keep me looking aloof and indifferent to them.

The evening I had to tend to volunteer work at Quail Ridge Books and then afterward, we headed to Cameron Village to try K&W cafeteria for dinner. It was closed so we hit the Village Deli instead. YUM. We made it home and stayed up to watch Yes Man...

Today, morning, was wake up when we wanna. I decided that I HAD TO FINISH Wuthering Heights because it was just dragging on way too long.

The plan for today, though, was our (third) yearly trek to Fearrington Village. I had high expectations, as did my girls. We were sadly disappointed: the toy section at McIntyres's Fine Books was no longer there. This was a HUGE section, like a wing, of the store with children's books and a great amount of toys and animals. It was lovely. Now? It is transformed to a plain, dull room with rows of chairs and a small podium. Phoeey on them.

We walked around and the grounds are still gorgeous, especially on a beautiful Spring day like today. I looked forward to hitting the Potting Shed and was struck by the fact that NOTHING was there. If you look at the pictures from last year, you'll see how beautiful this garden shop was. This is what we saw this year:

The cows, however, were still there:

Our next stop was Franklin Street in Chapel Hill. That was a lot of fun, even though, for some unknown and very odd reason, CJ has become anti-UNC. I have no idea why and I certainly don't agree with it...I think UNC-CH is a beautiful, reputable college...even though it isn't so pretty lately with all of the construction going on in the area.

We hit Top of the Hill first for lunch. The wait to sit outside was long so I asked for an inside table near a window. We ended up sitting right in front of the door to the outside tables, which meant cool wind hitting us every time it opened, which was CONSTANT. Instead of taking the reigns and just moving to a different table, I asked my daughters if they wanted to move, where they were disinterested in moving. This took the edge out of enjoying my Leaderboard Trophy Lager and my scrumptious bruschetta.

We hit many shops and spent about three and a half hours walking up and down the street, including the stop for lunch and gelato at Sugarland Bakery:

It was our first time ever having this yummy stuff. Course, I wasn't going to have ANYTHING until I saw that display. Just was the baked goodies too:

but we managed to walk away...but we will be back!

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  1. I love going out to Fearrington! We got married there! :)