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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Rachel Getting Married

I love Anne Hathaway. I'd say that she is one of my favorite actresses of late.

I had seen bits of her while my girls watch The Princess Diaries. And I thought she was great in The Devil Wears Prada. But it wasn't until Becoming Jane that I was hooked. She is just so wonderful in every role I have seen her in and I love, love, love the choices she has made in the movies she ends up in. She certainly stands out among the ditzy girls of her era (e.g. Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff). I just really, really like her and am impressed with her. She was SO COOL on Saturday Night Live...and the boring Oscars? I thought she stole the show.

And she certainly stole the show in this movie. She was AMAZING. I enjoyed every line and minute she was in the movie. I loved her look; I loved her character. And yet, the talk about this movie, besides Hathaway's incredible acting/role, was the premise of this crazy sister disrupting her sister's wedding.

My god. I LOVED the crazy sister and thought: no wonder she is a recovering addict! Dealing with her flaky ass family? I begged her to leave that house.

Her sister, and the person in which the title of the movie is based on, was so annoying. She welcomed her with open arms, as Kym (Hathaway) is released from rehab. They are giddy and loving. And then somewhere, the flip switched and Rachel starts nagging the sister about how she is self-absorbed and steals the thunder from her (Rachel).

The dad is just as kooky. He definitely had effeminate mannerisms. The mom, who is played by Debra Winger, was kind of "not there" in spirit nor in the actual movie. This was a let-down, as I read some accolades of Debra Winger's comeback in this movie...but really, it was bit part...and the only emotional strong impact comes at the end of the movie.

But the movie was not that great. I found it sooooo cliche, as far as trying to show how indie of a movie it was. There are A LOT OF PEOPLE attending the rehearsal, then wedding, for Rachel. The whole time, the mood of the film is to be a bit haphazard, as if someone else attending the wedding is filming this...or the view from someone's eyes...and you see the stereotypical faces of people talking, mingling, laughing, snuggling etc. It was just so contrived...trying too hard to look like you're not trying.

And it went on and on...people all over this house, playing music and they were EVERYWHERE: in the kitchen, on the porch, EVERYWHERE. And this was portrayed as 'normal' life.

The rehearsal toasts went forever. All these characters talking about their undying loyalty and friendship to Sidney (the groom-to-be) and Rachel. BTW, Rachel is this beautiful white girl marrying a big, not-quite-as-beautiful black man. And both the white folk and the black folk melded PERFECTLY. Everyone, regardless of color, had rhythm.

And the bride and bridesmaids wore saris. They had an Indian-like adorned elephant for their cake but praised God and said Lahayam all the time. What does being white, black, musical, and implied-Jewish have to do with saris? It was ridiculous!

So the movie: did not like. Kym/Hathaway LOVED. It was worth the free Redbox flick, and quick drive to HT to get it, to see Hathaway in this role.

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