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Friday, April 03, 2009

My Favorite Sports Drink

I noticed sometime last summer, maybe even spring, that I would thirst for chocolate milk after a good, hard run. Fortunately, my house is never without chocolate syrup so I usually whipped up a big glass of chocolate milk after my run. Man, this was good.

Now, I love milk and I love chocolate milk. I always drank a tall glass of either one before bed time during my growing up years. Every so often, I do it now. But on many occasions, I run down to my building's basement to grab a small carton of low-fat chocolate milk. This was my treat and pick-me-up for the day.

So I didn't think it was entirely abnormal for me to thirst for chocolate milk after a run. Just me and my love for the drink.

I started ordering first thing at the Breakfast Nazi place. It became such a habit that my BFF Sam would order it for me, if she was there before me. Now, he tells me as before I order: chocolate milk? And let me tell you, he makes a good one...

Sometime last year, I ran across an article that stated how good chocolate milk was as a sports drink. I thought how cool that was but I forgot about it until Sam told me she had heard the same thing.

I ran across this on Runner Dude's blog, which also lays claim to how great chocolate milk is as a sports drink. I guess my body knew what it wanted after a hard run: Got Milk? Chocolate Milk?

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