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Sunday, April 12, 2009

How I Managed To "Run" 11 Miles...

I had an eleven mile run on my schedule for this Saturday's long run. Tim and I were running separately, meaning, no babysitter for an AM scheduled run...just run when we want to.

Tim had gotten up early and got his run over with. I started mine a little after 10:30.

I decided to run from the house to Lake Lynn, loop it once and then hit Lynn Road all the way to North Hills Road and then run around Shelley Lake one loop, then come back the way I came.

Lake Lynn was a decent run. Familiarity can make it easy. The weather was grand and while I wasn't feeling 'in the zone', I did feel pretty decent after spending two days walking (3 1/2 hours Thursday; 5 hours Friday).

Running out of Lake Lynn took a bit out of me because it's a sharp incline up. But I did it and made it through the light at the intersection and started downhill on Lynn Road. I felt my energy come back going down the hill, so that was great because I would soon be going back up.

And this is how it would be for the next couple of miles. I could feel my energy going away. It was now getting hot. And I'm not even halfway there.

Once I hit Shelley, I was pooped. After mile five, I ran a bit, then walked a bit. I'm surprised I kept my walk breaks short (less than 1:30 mn) because my legs were shot. I toyed with the idea of running only one side of Shelley then heading back home on the Millbrook Avenue side. But I decided to be stubborn and do what I could to get closer to 11 miles.

I texted Tim that my route changed; I wanted to make sure if I was killed on the cursed Shelley Lake to Crabtree trail, that he could retrace my steps and find my body.

So off I go, into a small tunnel that is the underpass for Millbrook Road. It was really dark after coming from the sun and bikers were heading in my opposite direction.

Now, you are SUPPOSED to get OFF the bike and walk it through the tunnel. I didn't bitch (silently) about that until I twisted my right foot in a dip, as I ran, hugging the right side of the tunnel. I yelled out "Oh Shit!" because I thought I was going down, but I actually fared well without even hurting my ankle. But I then cursed the bikers because THEY MADE ME DO IT...and didn't even ask if I was OK :-(.

I find hardcore determination and run through my tired legs. I run to North Hills Drive and turn back where I got a solid two miles of running. Soon after leaving that route, I now have a long, slight up to climb from Shelley Lake to midway to Lead Mine Road. I walked that part. At one point, I thought of calling Tim and asking him to pick me up. I was just done. But stubborness kept me going and I thought about Ironman competitors and how they must feel close to something like I felt (course, after more hours and miles!) and that if they could pull it off with the amount of time they put in, I could do the same. Plus, I'm only two-plus miles from the house!

So once I reached the downhill part, I just ran. I continued to run until I got to the stoplight at Millbrook and Creedmoor. Here was the awkward moment that I pushed the pedestrian crossing button as two men were using blowers to blow around the area. I told them they could continue -- well, motioned, as they were not English-speaking fellas -- and they just stood there staring at me. And this is when I decided to add a little jayrunning to relieve that awkwardness, since they wouldn't continue working while I was standing there...I ran across the first two lanes and stood in the median...only to cause a tad more awkwardness for the driver in the turn lane, who had her window down and I am standing right in front of her.

Finally, I run across the rest of the road and make it to the other side...almost home. I continue running and thinking "how the hell am I doing this?" until finally, my watch buzzes at 11 miles and then I just STOP. At this point, I am thinking about calling Tim again and having him come get me. I am only half a mile from the house. But that's just how much pain I was in. I was exhausted. My legs were pissed off at me. I wanted to kick off my shoes and walk barefooted...I was just soooo uncomfortable.

I took the walk slow and had difficulties walking up the hills. But I made it. I made it home. And unbelievably, I ran in the high 9s whenever I DID run. I ended up putting in 11.52 miles in 2:07, which averages to 11:07 mn/miles.

A day later and I'm still stunned that I did that. And I'm most proud of myself. Sometimes it truly does come down to quantity over quality, at least mentally. Not sure if the coach appreciates that but it made me feel good. Now if only those 'make me feel good' feelings could broadcast to my tired legs...

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  1. I'm glad it wasn't only me that felt crappy on my run. I was going for 9:50 pace over 10, but I ended at 10:20. I was pretty pissed, but over I finished. Thanks for making me feel better. It's nice to know that you and Tim felt like crap too ;)