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Monday, April 13, 2009

Dream Run

No, not my ideal run but an actual dream about a run...a run at a race.

I'm not sure how strange it is to reveal a dream. Sometimes, I am taken aback when someone I know tells me about a dream they had. It seems so "personal", as in, intimate.

But what the hell. Here goes my reveal of personal, "intimate" dream...which will just make me appear even more loony than I already am.

Sooo...I am running a 200m race. Yes, you heard it: a 200m race. And it goes up the stairs right before the finish.

I think I am in second place. And I am running HARD on the heels of the first place person, who happens to be a person who is in a wheelchair when she's NOT running.

Did you get that? She runs on her feet but when not running, is in a wheelchair. Hence, her name in the dream is "wheelchair girl".

I can't beat her. I'm almost there but I just can't pass her. And actually, she sort of blocks me when we are running up the stairs but I know that I have little steam anyway.

So, wheelchair girl wins. I'm still happy because I get second place. Until we both realize that someone had already won. A gentleman that is never seen in the dream until the end, well rested because he sped past all of us.

So now I am in third. I am still thrilled. I still get a prize. And the prize I got was a really small carving of something in soap. And they present it to Brennan (my coach) and she's like "This is actually for her (nodding to me). I train her."

So I never get acknowledged for winning, except by Brennan. I keep dropping my third place soap carving trophy and finally drop it into the sand, where I think I lose it and finally find it. Brennan tells me to pocket it which I do.

BTW, Brennan is ALSO in the 200m race, which also, BTW, I win 3rd place by running it in 1 minute (if you don't run track, 1 minute is quick but you don't win 200m in 1 minute).

But the gist of it is that Brennan did not run hard...obviously, if I beat her. But she wasn't throwing it either. I just somehow managed to win (3rd place). But she was not very happy with me and at some point, is even angry at me. I can't remember why but I do know that she says something about 'the wheelchair girl beat you' and wasn't please about that either.

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