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Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Day at the Zoo

Friday was zoo day for us. $Bill joined us with Y-Y, which was planned but she didn't find out until the last minute (when we actually showed up to go!).

It was a decent day for the zoo trip, although we got caught in the rain around the halfway point. That put on a damper on things (yuck! yuck!). But the animals were out for good photographic moments.

Mr. Alligator:

Playful Seals:

Willie the Polar Bear:

Colorful Flamingos:

I have always been impressed with the NC Zoo. The tickets are affordable and the natural paths around the zoo provide a great user experience.

However, the food thing is something I DID NOT like. Yes, I know: this is typical. Reel the people in, entrap them, so that all they can do is buy your overpriced food. That's how they need to make money! But everyday Joe's can't afford -- and shouldn't have -- to pay nearly $27 for a lunch. The guy in front of us had paid $26.95 for his two sandwiches, two yogurts, and two drinks. I was aghast and then he couldn't believe it either! Ours was a close second and it just KILLED me to spend that kind of money knowing I could spend around the same much for a fine meal at Hayes Barton Cafe.

So, my advice? Fuel up before getting there and sneak in some good snacks that will beat those hunger pangs and eat when you GET OUT. It's not worth it. The food is mediocre at best.

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