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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Crushes Come and Crushes Go

This post will not win me the mother of the year award. But since I've pretty much been ousted from that prize anyway, I don't really care.

But perhaps, you can keep this "our" little secret...

This week at CJ's (and Mi-Mi's) elementary school, there was a 25-cent shop going on. I didn't really pay attention to what it was for, other than knowing my girls were scrounging for quarters to partake in it all week.

When I got home Tuesday, the babysitter told me that CJ was in a mood and stated that something really embarrassing happened at school that day, but would not tell her what.

CJ is very much a brooding child. And she will not speak about anything unless she feels like it. So I usually let her be and go on with everyday life. Sometimes this works; sometimes not...Tuesday, it worked.

But instead of looking broody and morose as she normally does, she looked excited when she said she needed to tell me something. She whispers in my ear "There's a boy at school that likes me". She is grinning, but clearly, a little sheepish about it.

She continues to tell me that he even bought her a fruit roll up (from the 25 cent shop)...isn't that adorable???? Before I could finish saying "aw, isn't that nice!" she exclaimed that she gave the fruit roll up away.

I ask if she likes him...she shakes her head no furiously. I asked if that's why she gave the fruit roll up away and she said yes and I could finally see that my input was no longer wanted. She was done with the conversation.

So I talked to Tim about it later, as I was concerned about teaching CJ how to reject a boy without being rude or hurtful. I thought giving the fruit roll up away was, well, mean! I asked him "How can she indicate to a boy she's not interested but not hurt his feelings?" Naturally, Tim was like "who cares about the boy's feelings; give the fruit roll up away. He'll get the picture."

Okay, another mark for me thinking too much. :-)

Wednesday goes by without a mention of "the boy".

Thursday, however, CJ and Mi-Mi are in the car and I hear Mi-Mi say "CJ has a crush on a boy and she won't tell me his name!" Hmmmm...this is odd, I think...what are they selling at the 25-cent store? Cupid's arrows? Love potion #9? What is with all these crushes??

So I finally get it out of her and she tells me his name. I don't know it. I find out that he is not in her class (whew) and that she is in her friend's class, who apparently, is the messenger for said boy. I also learn that the boy, in fact, is the same one who gave her the fruit roll up on Tuesday.

I told her "I thought you didn't like him?" and she said, simply, "I changed my mind." OK, then.

She then shows me a heart shaped necklace and says that he gave that to her today. Whoa. That's a pretty nice necklace...and HEART-SHAPED? We went from a fruit roll up to a HEART-SHAPED necklace???

I found out that they don't actually talk to each other. It's just this whole "I-see-you-and-I-like-you-but-I-will-dare-not-speak-to-you' kind of thang.

So as I deal with more things to worry about: what does it mean to have a crush on a boy in 5th grade? Do I allow her to talk to him on the phone? Text him? What do I do now?

And then Friday comes and I notice she is not wearing her necklace. Not unusual as we are getting ready to get into a pool to look for Easter eggs. But I say "So...did you, um, talk to you-know-who today?" And she looks at me like I am so 1960s and says, Oh, I'm over him now. WHAT? What happened in one day?!

I asked "what happened?" and she said "I guess I just grew tired of him..."

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