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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Commenting on the Tar Heel 10 Miler

I received any e-mail comment survey from the race I ran Saturday. I was ready to provide feedback as I was very critical about some things that I expected from a race.

I wrote it all out, including compliments. I pushed SEND and I got that dreaded 'there are errors with your submission'. I had to look for them and it ended up where I knew it would: the comment section.

The comment section was limited to 1000 characters. This is a pet peeve of mine, from a user experience perspective. There really should be no reason in this day age to limit characters, ESPECIALLY to 1000. That's just piss poor design.

But not only did it provide me an truncated EVERYTHING after 1000 characters. So if I wanted to fix it, shorten sentences, make bullet points of them, etc. there was no way to do it with the rest of my script. I had to start from scratch. So the first to go? Compliments.

This is what I ended up providing:
* Fee is unusually high.

* Race was well-marked.

* The uphill finish was demoralizing. It seemed cruel.

* No official times at the finish. I won't be in the top three and I don't care to see them. I want to see my time.

* No splits were called out at any mile marker.

* Not enough port-a-potties. The volunteer that stated 'you should've taken care of business before now' was not good. We all want the last anxious pee before a run.

* Too slow at packet pick-up during race day.

* No directions (clear cut from certain points) provided beforehand.

* No info about the race timing chip beforehand.

The race fee I paid was $45. But since Tim was running it too, we ended up forking out $90 before fees.

This is *a lot* for us. I am not rolling in dough, you know. And I just want to enjoy a challenging run. But I filled out my race calendar without paying a bit of attention to the price and I ended up with sticker shock.

If you waited until the last minute to sign up? Fifty buck-a-roos.

And add all my complaints to this fee and I don't see my return on investment, OTHER THAN MY GREAT TIME :-).

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