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Monday, April 20, 2009

The Aurora County All-Stars by Deborah Wiles

Deborah Wiles authored one of my favorite novels from last year, each little bird that sings. The Snowbergers are in this one, as well as Ruby Lavender, who is featured in another of Deborah Wiles' book, Love, Ruby Lavender.

But this one featured House Jackson, a 12 year old boy that I was introduced to by the fact that he found an old neighbor dead in his bed.

House had been reading to the bedridden man for months, after breaking his arm at the worst moment any 12 year old boy could fathom: before the biggest baseball game of the year, with him as the star pitcher.

And the story goes from there...another tender, sweet novel about a small southern town where everyone knows everyone. And the Independence Day celebration is HUGE: the annual (and only) baseball game against the Raleigh Redbugs is going to take place but Frances Shotz, aka Finesse, has other plans. Those plans include song and dance routines in a pageant, with all the members of the Aurora County All-Stars.

Although this one seemed more geared to boys than girls (like me), this still was just an amazing story with the same sweet elements that made me fall in love with each little bird that sings. I look forward to reading Love, Ruby Lavender to capture that essence again.

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