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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Shriner's Club

I haven't been to my mom's house in ages.

I lived there for a couple of months when Tim had to go to training in Wichita Falls, TX. There was nowhere for me to stay, at a relatively affordable price. So I had to go back and live with my parents while Tim stayed in TX. It was for a very short time, like barely a month, if I remember correctly, but we had been married barely a year and I did not want to be away from him.

And I didn't necessarily like the idea of going to live at home with my parents.

We have been back since, for holidays and such. But after my parents divorced, I had not stayed in the house again. The last time we came to the area as a family, I had only CJ and we stayed at The Peabody in Memphis. I used the excuse that I didn't want to show favoritism by staying at one place over the other.

_Anyway_, we stayed with my mom this time. And it was nice. The girls had great fun sleeping on the sofa bed in the living room, with the TV on all night (and morning).

But my mom's house is full of pictures...yes, of her granddaughters but also of ME. They are ALL OVER THE PLACE. And I forgot how this was when I lived at home, but it's far worse now. It's like a shrine. To me. Tim told me the first morning how he was checking out all the pictures of me...

But it doesn't stop there.


My mom has gone on and on about me and her grandkids to the people she works with at the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars). My dad works there to, managing the place. So they both have said a thing or two about me, but my mom puts me in an imaginary world that I don't actually live up to.

So when we got over to see my dad Thursday evening (my mom was still flying in from the Philippines, where she has been since January), the bartender *and* the bartenDEES were all saying hello to me. They told me they have been admiring how my daughters have been growing up. I tried to introduce the girls, but they already knew who they were: "We know exactly who is who!"

Saturday evening, we met my Uncle and Aunt (on my father's side), who took a trip to meet us in West Memphis, as they traveled back home from their RV trip to Louisiana. We met them at the VFW (as we did on Thursday) and decided to have dinner there.

It was Bingo night, so my mom and dad were busy, as was my other family member, Grandpa Bill (my mom's PoOSSLQ), who becomes security at night for the VFW. So me, the girls, Tim, Aunt Peggy and Uncle Don decided to just eat there instead of venturing anywhere else.

Our waitress was gracious, southern and sweet. But she figured out who I was and for the rest of the evening, I was addressed by my first name...and only *I* was ever addressed.

"Cindy - I adore your mom. She loves you. You are so beautiful."

"Cindy - your dad is just amazing"

"Cindy - you are just gorgeous!"

"Cindy, darling, do you need anything?"

"Cindy, girl, how's your dinner?"

"Cindy, your mom just talks about you all the time!"

"Cindy, do you need another Corona?"

"Cindy, I can't get over how GORGEOUS you are!"

"Cindy! You are sooo tall!" (BTW, I'm only 5'4")

It continued this way for the ENTIRE time we were there. Forget that there were FIVE OTHER PEOPLE at the table!

After about the fourth time she addressed me, Mi-Mi says to everyone "She is freaking me out! She thinks you are like a movie star or something!"

I can see that being 'famous' is not for me. It's uncomfortable and just weird. But at least I can say, for 15 minutes, er, three hours?, I had my fame.

Except when I go back to my mom's house and see the shrine...

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