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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Movie Review: Quarantine

WARNING: SPOILERS BELOW. If you want to see the movie without knowing details, do not read anymore.

We rented this using Redbox yesterday. It's not a movie I have been dying to see but I thought it would be a nice flick to watch on a Saturday evening.

And it was. It started out calm. A TV reporter and her cameraman hang out with a Fire Department, in hopes of shadowing them on a call.

The night is pretty lame and boring. Nothing exciting happens and it's a lot of waiting. After a good bit, the alarm goes off and off they go.

It's a residential apartment building. The owner is outside waiting for the crew. They make it in and hear that an old woman screamed an unbelievable inhuman scream. They find her apartment, the owner opens the door, and she stands before them, looking extremely INHUMAN.

But of course, they don't see it that way. They just want to _help_ the poor woman. As she stands there, with her head kind of limply hanging, salivating from the mouth and groaning.

So the firemen, two cops, the cameraman and the reporter go towards her and voila! she attacks one of the cops. Attack as in biting the crap out of him and gnawing him open.

So yes, it's a bit gory. But if zombie movies scare the shit out of you, like 28 Days (love it!) and Night of the Living Dead (yikes!), then this one will certainly do it too.

The gist of it is that there is a mysterious illness that has overtaken this apartment building (and affects you the way the old lady came out at the cop). The CDC is involved and the apartment building becomes 'quarantined': exits are blocked, the SWAT team is surrounding the windows and shooting anyone who dares to leave. So, the people are TRAPPED IN A BUILDING WITH ZOMBIE-LIKE INFECTIONS.

If that doesn't send shivers down your spine, then you must like Saw.

But this movie scared the shit out of me. My a-hole remained constricted throughout. And at one scene, knowing what was about to happen, when it happened, I screamed bloody murder and scared the shit out of my kids (no, they weren't watching it, but I screamed loud enough for them to hear me).

Jennifer Carpenter stars in this flick, as the cute TV reporter. I love her. She plays Debra Morgan on one of my very favorite shows Dexter. She was amazing in this.

And what I liked most about this movie is that there are no BIG NAME over-acting actors. Just good, most recognizable, actors that played up a simple zombie-horror-with-a-little-gore flick.

I was really surprised at how much I ended up liking this one.

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