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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Kill Two Birds With One Stone

Probably not the best title ever, but it is appropriate.

As I mentioned previously, my father-in-law passed away Friday. Although he has lived (and died) in Florida for the last 40+ years, he was born and bred in Arkansas. That's where he met and married Margie. It's where Tim was born and has some memories of the area, although he didn't live there for very long. He is a Florida boy.

Strange coincidences can happen. And Tim and I meeting and marrying would be one of them.

Tim was in the Air Force whenBlytheville AFB for barely a month or two when I met him in 1988. A whirlwind romance happens and two months later, we were married. One day, I'll blog about that...but for this particular post, that's all that's necessary.

My dad retired from the Air Force shortly after we were married. He and my mom bought their first home EVER in West Memphis, Arkansas, which was barely an hour from where Seymour Johnson AFB was located.

Tim was born in West Memphis, Arkansas.

He doesn't remember any of it. Like me, born in Japan - I never lived there passed the age of an infant (maybe toddler, I don't know) so there is zero memory of it.

But the coincidence that I would meet a random person that would be born in the same city that my parents would retire is pretty bizarre.

My parents, now divorced, still live (separately) in West Memphis. Guess where my father-in-law will be buried?

You got it. West Memphis. There are still family living in that area, and its vicinity. And thus, as people say, funerals bring family reunions.

But this time it includes *my* family. I'll be able to visit my mom and dad. Actually, I'll be staying with my mom...or should I say, we will all be staying with her. I'm sure she's thrilled to have her granddaughters, but the cat and the dog? Oh well. The benefit of family is that we can take advantage of them :-).

It's a good long drive to get there. It'll be the longest the kids will ever ride and we aren't even driving straight through.

But we plan to head out tomorrow and be there through the weekend. I am looking forward to it. We'll just see how many posts I add with insight to my relationships I have with my parents...

Wish us well.

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