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Saturday, March 21, 2009

I Am Anti-Starbucks

That's what I told my boss in an e-mail.

He is doing a great thing. He received a butt load of Starbucks gift cards and has been buying coffee - for all that ask - at our department meetings. I have never put an order in because, well, I cannot stand Starbucks!

And it's not _Starbucks_ I hate. It's the ideology behind *it*.

The picture of seeing folks holding their Starbucks cups as though it is a badge of honor.

The fact that there are a zillion local coffee shops that put out better coffee and better service. That my money is helping _them_ and not corporate America.

It's just so cliche.

And I hate cliches.

So Starbucks, over time (as I drank the coffee too), has become my symbol of disdain for supporting corporate, packaged, follow-the-hype-because-you-are-sheep-and-marketing-skills-will-easily-influence-you products.

I mentioned to my boss that if I could, I would make an anti-Starbucks t-shirt and wear it to the meeting. He responded by saying "I'll be sure to scowl for you when I place the order."

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  1. Ha! Your manager's response amuses me!