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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Great Workouts

Since I tend to have 'negative' slants on my workouts, I thought I'd share my high moments of the week: two days in a row of great workouts.

Thursday was a five mile run for Frank and I. Frank suggested running from a different area, but following the same route we take through Umstead. The change of starting points was great because we avoided all the hills that we get when starting from the gym.

I wasn't particularly looking forward to the run. I've been in an 'unmotivated' slump lately. Monday, for instance, I was going to blow off the four mile run but Tim looked at me like I was insane "It won't take that long!" So I did it. And I did Tuesday's. And Wednesdays. And now Thursday comes along and I'm in just robotic we go again.

But Thursday ended up being the bomb. My legs felt great. Our pace was perfect and I noticed that I became Chatty Cathy and just yammered on and on during the run. Poor Frank. I don't think I had anything particularly interesting to say either...

These runs are those runs that make you WANT to run. Exhilarating.

Friday is swim day for me. I am not a comfortable swimmer. Yes, many people say that but mine is not so much technique as it is just some stupid anxiety about swimming in a pool around other people. It's very superficial that's hard to explain.

Anyway, I usually swim with fins, do some back floats, grab the kickboard, lots of things to get my yards in. Friday's workout was just to get 850 yards in. I decided to do 400 with fins, 400 with the pull buoy, and then 50 all on my own. The last 50 I was not looking forward to. Lots of people in the pool -- and at least one of them was looking at me underwater.

I noticed that once I got to the pull buoys part of my workout, I was feeling pretty confident. My breathing was great and I was taking shorter and shorter breaks between each length/lap. Either the pull buoy is easier to swim with than fins, or I was becoming more efficient swimming. And again, comfort eased in so I was relaxed and didn't have anxiety issues...which helped, when I gulped a bunch of water mid-swim, and continued on as though it never happened. This is HUGE for me.

I finished the 'easy' parts and now, the 50 yards on my own. I've been wanting to swim solo since I started but have been hesitant. I know it will be harder, since I've been using tools to help ease the swim, and I know I'll be slower. I even imagined that I would go nowhere...but...I decided, I will do 25 yards no matter what and if it's too hard, I will just float on my back for the last 25 yards.

I go for it and 25 yards later, I'm done and I'm feeling great. It wasn't hard. It wasn't slow (don't be fooled, I wasn't fast either) so I did the last 25 yards on my own too. And that became the highlight of my week: swimming 50 yards on my own. It's a major accomplishment for me that has built a new found confidence in me.

Let's hope I can get my big head through the doors now...:-)

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