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Friday, March 13, 2009

Book Review: Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

Well, Bella has redeemed herself. I went from utter annoyance of her to actually liking her. This book certainly redeemed itself from the last two. And I also noted that this book really brought EVERYTHING together and that the two previous books, New Moon and Eclipse, were necessary to make this complete.

This is the book where Edward and Bella finally marry. I loved this notion when it was brought up previously: Edward wanting to marry Bella. And I don't know if Meyer is trying to make any statements about abstinence or no sex before marriage, it certainly was appreciated by me -- and I'm not a traditionalist but it really gave Edward an edge for wanting to do that.

Bella was not as annoying about the marriage and accepted all the pomp and circumstance surrounding it. The honeymoon went well and throughout this majority of the story, I grew an attachment to her, as I did in the first book. I didn't want her to become a vampire. I realized, as much as Edward did, how she needed to live out a life as a human just a little longer. When she tells Edward that she is willing to go to Dartmouth for a little bit (hedging on a bet she made with him), I was thrilled.

And then...Nessie enters the picture...

Nessie, the baby that she bears. The baby that almost kills her and everyone knew that Bella would die giving birth to an incubus, as it was 'clawing' it's way out. The plan was to attempt to save her by making her a vampire.

It was at this scene that my heart broke. I nearly cried (but didn't) when Edward began his work on her. I felt as much as in disbelief as Jacob did, standing alongside her with shock. To me, this is what makes a great book and a great story: that I become that emotionally affected and relate to this character so well. After four novels, Bella (and others) are part of my thoughts, reflections, etc. And to know what was happening to this whiny teeny-bopper made me very very sad.

The story then turns to Bella as a vampire and it's all good. If vampirism was an actual "thing" then this book would have been disowned by anti-vampirisms everywhere for promoting it so well. It is THE life to have and especially in the Cullen's little haven, life is like the garden of eden...well, as long as you remain a vegetarian.

More happens that has a lot of build up without any firework of an ending, but all-in-all, it made for an interesting read. But this book was similar to Twilight in that I had emotional experiences as I read through.

With Twilight, I had the butterflies, just like Bella, at the blossoming relationship between Edward and Bella. My tummy remained tied in knots throughout reading this one. And then with this one, Breaking Dawn, I had the awe of Bella's change and how Edward was taking it all in.

There's no question: Edward is the vampire of my dreams. His character has become one of my most memorable and favorite men since Edward Rochester in Jane Eyre.

I even ended up liking Jacob and thought that Meyer's take of viewing things from Jacob's eyes was great and helped make me like him more.

Sure, this thing wrapped up really nice -- a perfect hollywood ending. But I could not stop thinking about "them" and things that had happened to them, even from the previous books. I was amazed, awed, sadden and despaired all throughout.

What was even more cool? The fact that CJ and Tim were reading this at the same time. CJ has finished and I am planning to take her with me to our next book club meeting where we will discuss the series. Tim will have to stay home. This is for girls''ll be interesting to discuss how CJ and I swoon for the same man. Well, we do (Tim) -- but well, you know what I mean.


  1. Yay!!! I'm so glad that you've finished it and that you liked it! I thought you would like the series better after reading Breaking Dawn. I didn't think that I wanted Bella to become a vampire, and I didn't think that she actually would...but Bella makes a much better vampire than she does a human (so annoying with her weak little human self). I am excited that CJ is coming to book club!! I actually said aloud, "that is so cool!" with Gabe then wondering what the heck I'm talking about. I look forward to hearing her views.

    My review is here.

  2. I'm happy to hear that you returned to liking Bella. The progression of your emotional relationship with her is similar to mine. I think that at the end of Book 3, even Edward was getting on my nerves, because he was trying to control Bella too much, and that grated on my nerves. I actually liked Jacob better at that point. But, "the thing that happened with Jacob" in the 4th book totally blew my mind, and i didn't see it coming, even though perhaps i should have, and i thought it was PERFECT. And Edward and Bella suddenly were more evenly matched, and seemed perfect together, too. I'm glad you liked it. (-: Hollywood ending yes, but i figure this book deserves it.

    I think it would be interesting to see a book written about Nessie when she gets older...