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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Killing the Death Penalty

I read the article below, where New Mexico (NM) has nixed the death penalty. Apparently, NM is the the 15th state to repeal the death penalty.

I know here in NC, executions have stopped while resolving an issue of whether a doctor should be present during the actual execution.

But Governor Richardson's decision had nothing to do with this NC medical dilemma. It had everything to do with our criminal justice system. Governor Richardson supports the death penalty but he believes our current criminal justice system is flawed and therefore, can not allow the possibility of an innocent man being put to death.

And I can't blame him. And it surprised me greatly to read this.

I have been a slight supporter of the death penalty. I never really know if I want to support it or not, mainly from the humanity aspect. But at some point, probably from 'memorizing' the details of how a person was killed, I thought: you know, death is not that bad for these mother fuckers. It's too easy. But Kill Em All anyway...we don't need those stinking type of people in this world.

And I still feel that way. I think that if you carjack a car, and drag a young innocent child to death in the act of your stupidity, then you should be beaten to a pulp and suffer undying pain until you fucking die. Reading any of the crimes these assholes have committed on also makes me want to pull the lever.

I have nothing but hatred for these vile imbeciles.

But I want to be sure that the vile imbecile is the guilty person before you put the easy death upon him.

And Richardson is *so* right. Our fucked up criminal justice system is FUCKED UP. It has become a game of who can beat who (on 'higher' profile type cases), not who actually did it; or the armchair investigator that KNOWS the person did it and wraps the whole story around the evidence to make it so (read Bloodsworth). Or you are just the poor sucker that gets stuck with the idiot new lawyer, who has no interest or ability to clear an innocent man.

And if you follow The Innocence Project, you would know that there are still zillions of people in prison (not necessarily on death row) that have DNA evidence ready to be tested, in hopes of being exonerated of their crime. And there are zillions of people who have been exonerated...and were on death row for a crime they did not commit.

And I cannot stand the idea of someone completely innocent imprisoned for a crime they did not commit. And on top of that, the mother fucker out there that gets away with the crime. Imagine, if you will, the horror of being put to death for something completely untrue.

I am not sure I can say that I am completely opposed to the death penalty. But I can say that I do agree with Gov. Richardson 100%. It makes a little bit of a quandary on my stand, doesn't it? I just want the guilty to be prosecuted and persecuted and the innocent to remain free.

News Story:
Governor Richardson repeals the death penalty because the criminal justice system is flawed.

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