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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Those Surprisingly Tender Moments You Don't Expect...

Today I was supposed to take CJ and her BFF for our "cool chicks on the run" day.

As you may or may not recall, the girls and I do a run-walk program, to get them more involved with running and setting a goal for running a 5K at the "end". Last year, it was the Reindeer Romp and this year, we will pick a 5K that interests them for some time in the Spring.

Today would have been the first day back to our program but as soon as I was out in this weather, I found it FREEZING COLD.

The cold does not intimidate me. Buddha knows that I have ran in this kind of weather before but today, I just didn't want to. YUCK-OH. I have had ENOUGH! (and besides, it appears that I will have to run in even colder weather tomorrow.)

So instead, I let CJ and her BFF do homework (yay. thanks. mom.) and then do what tweens love to do.

Lots of giggles. Lots of whispers. And can you believe it? _They_ went for a walk. In this buddha-forsaken weather! I thought "if that's the case, I should've just taken them for a run!" But my senses said "brrrrr..." and I moved on to my next thoughts...

It was time to get BFF home, so I packed them into the car and headed to BFF's house.

More giggles in the back seat. More hushed talking. I tried to listen to my iPod (which is almost near perfect in having all the songs I don't mind listening to on shuffle mode) as low, but entertaining as possible for my old-ass ears.

I walked her into her house, so that I could explain that I wimped out and didn't want to take them in the cold. BFF's mom was fine with it and we chatted a bit. When CJ and I got ready to leave, BFF's mom said "Wait. I don't know if you'll want this but..."

...and she presented us with cat stuff: cat pillow, cat comb, cat mat with catnip in it, and a cat stocking.

I was surprised and moved! They had just put down their beloved, but old, cat last year. In fact, BFF was staying with us the night the cat was put to sleep (he was very sick and very old).

And BFF's mom was relaying the stuff she was giving us. I was filled with gratitude and went to look at BFF with my thankful face, when I noticed she was in tears. She hugged her mom's side, just distraught over the loss of her kitty. Almost two months later, and her pain was still so strong that she brought me to tears too.

I went over and hugged her (which ends up hugging her mom, since she is clutched to her mom) and continued to thank her for her thoughtfulness.

But tears welled up inside of me. It's so difficult to see children in true emotional pain. The loss of a much-loved pet? To a 10 year old? It's tragic for an adult! I can imagine what it must felt for her (and well, I can sympathize as I still have vivid memories of my own pain, at the loss of my dog Ranger, the summer before my sixth grade year).

I told her that she was doing a wonderful thing, presenting us with such cherish items from her own cat. This would bring our home goodwill, good luck, and much love for our own cat, because it came from her own home, with her own love for her kitty.

Same time, same place next week? I ask, as she puts a smile on her face. Which lit me up inside, to see her genuinely get out of her funk and appreciate the goodwill she was doing for us.

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